6 Recent Online Casino Innovations

6 Recent Online Casino Innovations


Gambling was always an industry that took its cues from tech development. This has become increasingly noticeable recently when the online casino industry skyrocketed due to the pandemic and the inability to gamble in person.

As the new players kept pouring in, the industry quickly developed more than a few innovations to keep up with the new way of doing things and remain on the industry’s cutting edge. Some of these were in the works for years as a younger generation of players used to gambling online became a larger part of the market.

Using Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have changed the world of finance by storm, but they have also found a place as a payment method in other industries as well. The world of betting and gambling is exceptionally well suited for this type of payment, and many gambling establishments now use it.

The payments made in cryptocurrency are instantaneous and made without having to provide an ID or a traditional bank account. They can also be made from anywhere globally, even from countries that don’t allow for gambling. This has drawn many players and casinos towards this payment method as it’s vastly superior to traditional currencies.


eSports are becoming a much more significant part of the gambling industry lately. More than 15 million gamblers are betting in eSports each year, and it generates as much as $29 billion of revenue. This is a huge increase, indicating that a new generation of players has found its way to the industry.

This part of the industry has grown so much that the institutions are being formed to combat the irregularities within the industry (such as cheating or fixing games), as is the case with any other gambling venture.

VR and AR 

A few short years ago, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were a matter of science fiction. However, technology has improved so much that it has found its place in many industries, including gambling. 

This is especially important now when land-based casinos are struggling.

VR and AR allow the player to experience the look and feel of a real-life casino from the comfort and safety of their own home. The technology is getting better, and this service’s quality will as well. 

The gambling establishments will also use this innovation to make their employee training more comprehensive and productive.

Live Games 

Live games are another feature that has been around for years, which has become more critical due to the pandemic. Live events are made to mimic the experience of actually visiting a casino while gambling online.

These games are becoming more complex, and they are increasingly using VR and other technological advances. Live dealer events can also be treated as VIP events if they are not open to the general public and offer features that you couldn’t get otherwise.

Wearable Devices 

Wearable devices such as watches have been around for years, and the fitness industry has made good use of them. They can also be used in the gambling industry due to how convenient and common they’ve become, and many game designers are taking note of that fact.

A smartwatch allows the player to make a quick bet or pass on one without using their phone or a tablet device. Since the gameplay for most betting games is about making quick decisions and often about repeating a pattern as well, using a watch saves you a lot of time and effort.

Using Your Skills 

Some gambling games are based on luck alone, while others require both skill and chance to win. The players and the casinos have been focusing more on skill games in recent years. That’s partly a trend, as are many things in the industry, and partly due to the technology making these games more challenging.

Players can improve at these games by playing them more. This is attractive for the casino since the players will keep coming back and for the players since they have more agency in how the betting will turn out.


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