Best Stock Market Simulator

best stock market simulator

Are you looking for an online stock market simulator that is easy to use, simple, and has programs that closely imitate the real-life workings of the stock market? If your answer is yes, then I’m excited to share this review with you.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can pick one stock simulator to help you practice your stock-picking skills and evaluate your trading strategies even before you try investing real money and applying what you learned in the real world.

Are stock market simulators accurate?

stock market simulator accuracy

But you may be wondering since you’re gonna be investing time, effort, and, later on, money, will it be really worth it, and are these stock market simulators really accurate? My answer is, it depends on the app or market simulator platform you’re using. 

It will NOT BE EXACTLY THE SAME as real trading (since the paper trading platform often executes the trades at the exact price you want. Something that does not really happen in real life. Plus, there’s a slippage that we have to consider and the emotional aspect of really putting in REAL MONEY), but you can familiarize yourself with accurate technical analysis of stock quotes. 

That, my friend, is what makes stock simulators like a live trading platform for me. I myself tried using a few paper trading platforms before sharing this review and I did make a decent rate of return. I’m gonna share it with you later on what platform I can recommend. For now, 

So, without further delay, here are the best stock marketing simulators I can recommend for you!

Top 5 Best Stock Market Simulators – At a Glance

1. TD Ameritrade paperMoney

You can gain access to the TD Ameritrade paperMoney platform without paying anything. Now, that’s tough to beat. Yes, for free. And even if the platform requires a $0 minimum investment, it still provides standout features.

Once you open a paper trading account, you can use paperMoney to try virtual trading with forex, futures, or options, or you can simply explore studies and chart indicators. You can develop your trading strategy on this platform as there are various tradable securities in this paper trading platform.

These securities include stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, forex, foreign ADRs, options, and IPOs for qualified accounts. Of course, you’ll be using virtual money but still, you can access 24/7 phone support from the team and you gain access to the platform’s advanced reporting metrics like you’re viewing the actual New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) stock charts and doing your stock picks.

You’ll be given $100,000 virtual currency or virtual cash. 

2. Wall Street Survivor

Another platform for hands-on learning of what foreign exchange, live trading, or stock market trading is all about and with realistic market conditions would be the Wall Street Survivor.

What I like about the Wall Street Survivor stock market simulator is that instead of going directly to stock trading, you’ll first begin with educational modules. This is nice since you get to improve your stock trading knowledge and learn trading strategies first before winning on a virtual game.

Take note, though, that not all features in the Wall Street Survivor are free. I included it in this best stock trading simulator review because it has an easy-to-follow stock watchlist, a smart leader board, and vast educational information, where you can learn investment strategies without financial risk.

As to the stock market simulator game itself, you may choose to create a league or join a league so you can win prizes.

3. TradingSim

I can say that TradingSim is a good stock market simulator. Why? It’s because it’s straightforward to use and was created by traders for traders.

The best part of this platform that I like is that it provides at least 2 years of historical data (time and sales, level 1, and tick). You just need a browser to be able to use the TradingSim software. You don’t even need a brokerage account to paper trade with Trading Sim.

And if you’re concerned that this is a paid stock market simulator, well worry not. This is because it comes with a free 7-day-trial so you can always opt-out if you think the trading game is worth learning on other free platforms. Although, I doubt that as there are just plenty of drawing tools and indicators you can take advantage of in this platform! 

Again, I said this in my previous TradingSim review and I would say this again, “This is the only trading simulator that I would be willing to spend money on.” The little investment you do today to learn about options trading or selling stock, for instance, will save you a lot more cash if you see things long-term.

Overall, it’s worth creating your investment portfolio on this platform.

If you want my detailed review about TradingSim, you may check out this link here.

4. MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange

One of the best stock market simulators to practice trading is the MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE). With it, you can compete against your friends or coworkers and talk about futures trading strategies in the discussion groups of the game.

Once you’ve registered and joined the game in this trading platform, you can also choose from a list of stock symbols that you want to trade in your portfolio. The platform also allows you to develop a custom Watchlist. If you want, you can enable advanced options, such as stop-loss orders or partial shares.

5. HowTheMarketWorks 

With HowTheMarketWorks, you can perform like a real-brokerage account and use the platform’s virtual money (worth $100,000) before you trade in real life using actual money.

You can learn from the financial educational lessons or participate directly in the customized stock market game. When you register an account for the HowTheMarketWorks, you can gain access to the educational center. 

Why Use a Stock Trading Simulator: Does Practice Make Perfect?

While we’re all familiar with the quote, “Practice makes perfect,” I don’t think it applies in real-world trading. Yes, you can get better at doing it and increase your odds of being successful in stock market investing, but it’s somehow different in real-world application because there’s a risk of losing real money.

Still, the best stock market simulator can help you hone your trading skill, most especially if you already have the capital to trade but are still not sure where to start or you want to begin trading stocks but you don’t yet have enough funds.

Final Verdict on Stock Simulators

stock simulator

Personally, I do not mind the stock market simulator or platform you’re using or plans to use. But I believe choosing the right simulator would one day help you. 

As you practice trading using the right stock simulator, it will also guide you on the right track of investing and helps prevent you from investing too aggressively at the start because you truly understand what you are doing and not just initiating trades before having a solid understanding of how the stock market works.

For me, here are my top picks:

Best Paid Stock Market Simulator – TradingSim

The best-paid paper trading platform, in my opinion, is as it allows you to play back real stock market action from the past 2 years (of historical data). You can speed up and slow down the action. 

Compared to other paid stock market simulators, TradingSim works smoothly and well even on mobile devices.

Best Free Stock Simulator – TD Ameritrade paperMoney

The reason why I choose this as the best stock simulator is that it has some of the most advanced trading tools that a stock market investor needs. Not only you’ll get customizable stock charts but you can also track securities and commodities, like natural gas, oil, and gold.

In terms of portfolio analysis, TD Ameritrade’s Portfolio Planner shows the current asset allocation. By that, you can compare it to a target allocation model. 

Ready to take investing to the next level? Be that kid in a candy shop and explore the power of these stock simulators to learn your way to the actual stock market!

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