Can You Use Facebook Marketplace Without a Facebook Account?

    can you use facebook marketplace without a facebook account

    Almost everyone knows that Facebook is a platform to catch up with family and friends, join interest groups, and share photos. However, did you know that you can also buy and sell things from the e-commerce side of this social media site? It’s called Facebook Marketplace.

    To use Facebook Marketplace, all you need is an active FB account! But what if you want to toss aside your social media networks or quit social media altogether? After all, social media can be both a blessing and a curse.

    Will you still be able to use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account? Let’s find out!

    What is Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace is an online platform for buying and selling new and used items. It was launched in 2016, and over 50 countries have used this platform.

    This social media website’s classified ad section specializes in helping businesses and individuals sell their items locally. Moreover, this platform is Facebook’s expansion into the market to rival services like Craigslist and eBay.

    So, if you want to grow your business using the platform, you can do so. Additionally, it increases sales and visibility. A 2021 statistics reveal that the eCommerce powerhouse receives more than one billion global users and has around 250 million active stores.

    So, Can You Use Facebook Marketplace Without a Facebook Account?

    No, you cannot use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account. However, you can see public posts on the Facebook Marketplace. Users don’t have to download another application to access this place. 

    On the desktop, click the storefront icon on the top navigation bar. Another option is to click the Facebook Marketplace option on the left-hand menu of the Home page.

    Then, go to the shortcut page on mobile and scroll to the Marketplace icon. You can also tap the three vertical lines on the bottom right corner of your phone.

    There are many categories you’ll find in the Facebook Marketplace. These categories include apparel, entertainment, electronics, hobbies, outdoor gardening, home goods, toys and games, and pet supplies.

    As a shopper, you can filter the searches by location and price. You can save the FB Marketplace listing for future reference as well. On the other hand, you can add images to the platform’s ads and listings if you’re a seller.

    How Can You Search on Facebook Marketplace Without an Account?

    woman using facebook application

    You can still see public posts on the FB marketplace, whether you have a Facebook account that you can’t temporarily access or refuse to create an account. You can do this by using a search engine, such as Google.

    Here’s what you do: Open Google, enter and add the item or product you’re looking for. An example would be this site: “furniture for sale.” 

    Next, click on the photo of the item you like. However, you will still need a Facebook or Messenger account to purchase or contact the seller. You can follow the same steps using other search engines, like Bing, Badu, and Yahoo!

    Search engines aggregate data from social media platforms, including Facebook. That’s why you can use them for general research on Facebook Marketplace.

    Why Can’t I Search On Facebook Marketplace Even With an Account?

    There may be instances when you can’t search or access Facebook Marketplace even if you have a Facebook account. Here are some reasons why it happens:

    1. Age

    Facebook Marketplace requires users to be at least 18 years old. If you’re not 18, you can’t search or use the platform. In some locations, the user must be at least 13 years old (with a parent’s pre-approval). 

    Creating an account with false information violates their Terms or Community Standards and may cause your account’s termination.

    2. Location

    Another reason you can’t search on Facebook Marketplace (even though you have an account) is because you’re in a location where the platform is unavailable. As of July 2022, some countries that have banned access to e-commerce or Facebook include Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

    Sometimes, Facebook Marketplace is unavailable in your area if the seller or buyer is too far from each other. In addition, location is significant in Facebook Marketplace shopping. This is why the platform encourages transactions between sellers and buyers near each other, so business is convenient for the two parties.

    3. Language Setting

    There’s a chance you can’t access the platform because you’re not using Facebook in one of the allowed languages. Don’t worry, though. Changing your language setting on Facebook is easy.

    4. Version of the FB App

    Facebook Marketplace is not available on older versions of the app. So, you need to use the latest version of the social media app. Some iPhone models (older than iPhone 5) may not likewise access the app.

    5. New Account

    Facebook protects its Marketplace community from scams. Therefore, a newly created Facebook account may not be able to access the Marketplace immediately. If this is your case, use the buy and sell groups in the meantime. Then, check back later, as you may already be able to access the platform.

    Why Control Your Facebook Privacy Settings When Using Marketplace?

    It’s best to check your Facebook privacy settings as you will be messaging strangers when using Marketplace. You can ensure that only your friends see your stuff. 

    On the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook profile, go to “Settings” and select “Privacy” to change the settings.

    How to Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

    Keep reading if you want to take the plunge and make money on Facebook Marketplace. 

    Facebook Marketplace is an excellent tool for retail businesses. This platform even allows shipping items, similar to Poshmark and eBay transactions, but way more accessible. No dealing with no-shows, no putting on make-up, and no meet-ups necessary!

    All you have to do is create an FB Marketplace listing by logging into your account. From the “Marketplace,” select “Item for Sale.”

    Then, enter the required information, such as photos of the time, title for the listing, category and subcategory of the product, the price of the item, and the delivery method. Pick any Buy and Sell groups to post your product listing and click “publish” to make the product listing live.

    Business accounts have access to more FB Marketplace features. For instance, it advertises your store to reach more people, sets up a shop with your Business Page and shows an inventory of your retail items.

    Pro Tip: Experiment with different pricing strategies in the Marketplace. Observe how your target market responds to the price discounts and increases. 

    Wrapping Up

    can you use facebook marketplace without FB account

    Now that it’s clear you can’t use Facebook Marketplace without an FB account, you can start creating one. 

    Once you’ve created an account, the platform can offer many facilities and features. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface that makes buying and selling easy. 

    To learn more about making money online and trading strategies, check out


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