CNBC Pro Review

CNBC Pro Review

CNBC pro review

Hey guys, I’ll be doing another review today about CNBC Pro — of what you can expect on this subscription, how much it costs, is it worth paying for a monthly subscription, and whether you can avail it for free. 

I’ll also go in-depth on whether you can cancel your CNBC app, the pros, and cons (in my personal opinion), and just basically the overall view of what content it covers, especially if you’re availing of the service to get stock market news and analysis.

So, without further ado, I give you guys the CNBC Pro review. I hope you’ll find this informative and entertaining!

What is CNBC Pro?

CNBC Pro is a subscription service on CNBC apps and If you’re in the US, you’re most likely aware of this TV channel already and need no further introduction. They’re just that well known in financial market coverage and business news… just like CNN, Fox News, BBC, Financial Times, and NBC News.

But as to their CNBC Pro subscription service, it provides you exclusive news stories. If you are an investor, you can also watch interviews with analysts and fund managers. So, yeah, some business and financial news you’ll read are more in-depth than those without the Pro access.

The benefit of a daily newsletter for US investors (because trading is time-sensitive)

As a CNBC Pro subscriber, you also have a daily newsletter every morning. These stories take only a minute of your time to browse as there’s a brief summary that US investors may find helpful. This is because they can quickly grasp the market at the start of their trading day.

CNBC Pro Subscription: Pricing Tiers

cnbc price

To gain access to CNBC Pro features, a subscription costs $29.99 monthly or $299.99 with a seven-day free trial. Just be aware that CNBC Pro subscriptions renew automatically and if you want to sign up, you may visit Once registered, you’ll only then be asked for your email address and password.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to sign up for CNBC Pro, but giving you my honest feedback.

Can I Get CNBC Pro for Free?

Obviously, no. It’ll cost you the monthly and yearly subscription fee to access the Pro features. But if you ask me if the CNBC app is for free, then my answer is yes.

There, you can stream CNBC business and financial news and videos on your Android TV or mobile device. Just log in with your satellite subscription or cable to search the shows, topics, and news you want to see.

CNBC Pro Features

If you’ve already visited the CNBC Pro website, you’ll see things you’ll have access to. This includes Live CNBC TV from the US, Asia, and Europe, monthly CNBC TV Pro talks (meaning live discussions) with major investors, top company analysts, and industry insiders. 

I find the ads in these videos bothersome, though. It kind of appears every 3 minutes.

You’ll also have access to exclusive access to financial news stock quotes. But is it worth the value for money? Maybe, maybe not. If you’re into stock market investing, the global business and financial news from the Pro page is decent. 

As to the video, you’ll also find them on YouTube. So, I don’t think that doesn’t make the premium subscription worth the cost if you’re just after these videos. But of course, one of the perks of watching from CNBC News Pro is that you watch it as it happens. The videos are live.

Investing Trends and Customization

I just noticed that most of the videos that CNBC Pro subscribers have access to are short and often exclusive interviews with fund managers and analysts. Well, I do appreciate the “Follow the Pros” and investing trends.

Such an option features prominent investors, although, again these videos (just about 5 to 10 minutes). The platform likewise allows you to customize the alerts that you see, unlike broadcast television viewers.

Basically, you can use the watchlist or select market sectors so it can fit your news feed or you can receive alerts on certain companies.

Feedback From Others


In a Reddit discussion, one user said “It’s ridiculous that they charge that much. What articles I have seen that are ‘free previews’ makes me think that they simply choose random articles that they used to show free and are now charging for them.”

But another slightly disagreed by saying, “if it gives me the knowledge to make a stock trade that will net me more than $30 a month that it would be worth it…assuming the information could not be found free.”

Pros and Cons


  • CNBC news coverage of not just US, but European and US markets and news stories
  • The daily newsletter includes major news stories in a customized format
  • You gain access to exclusive stories and financial news stock quotes
  • You can watch CNBC live business day programming internationally
  • Access to PRO Uncut and Pro talks
  • Once the email address is provided, PRO Playbook delivers news that highlights global business, financial news, and market data and analysis, and stock quotes


  • Pricing is a bit expensive
  • Video series, like PRO Uncut and Pro Talks, later on, becomes available on YouTube or TD Ameritrade 
  • Most content found on Pro can be viewed for free through CNBC live stream or television programming itself

Bottom Line: Would I Recommend CNBC Pro?

cnbc pro

Having said all these points, I think paying $30 a month / $300 a year subscription is not worth the price tag since you can access some of the important features through CNBC television programming itself. And if you’re keen on stocks, market data, or global business and financial news, you can always check other similar services, like Benzinga.

It makes such a good alternative to paying monthly since the market data and analysis, as well as trading ideas in that website, are also available in real-time. 

Then, you can complement getting newsletters and stock quotes and market data perhaps through Atom Finance, Zacks Investment Research, and  Motley Fool Stock Advisor. These platforms are content-rich resources for investors too!

However, if you believe that this premium service will offer you more than what your cable subscription or current streaming service provides, then, by all means, you can subscribe to it. 




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