Does Ross Stores Take Apple Pay?

does ross stores take apple pay

Shopping at a Ross store is like hitting the most excellent one-stop garage sale. It offers you a chance to score some of the best rock-bottom deals. 

The store offers almost everything you’ll need, from clothing to jewelry, shoes and pet supplies, cosmetics, gourmet food products, and bags. And what’s best? You can buy branded items for bargain prices!

But what if you don’t like or don’t feel safe using cash or physical cards when you shop? Or perhaps you want your purchases a breeze to save time and effort? Do Ross stores accept payment via Apple Pay? Let’s find out.

All About Ross Stores (Ross Dress for Less)

ross dress for less

Ross Stores, Inc. is an American off-price retail chain headquartered in California, USA. However, the company operates under the brand Ross Dress for Less.

The retail chain’s history began in 1950 when Morris “Morrie” Ross opened his first Ross Department Store in San Bruno. Eight years later, he sold his store to William Isackson to become a commercial and residential commercial real estate developer. 

From 1958 to 1982, Isackson grew the business and opened six more stores in Castro Valley, Redwood City, Novato, Vacaville, Pacifica, and San Bruno. Soon, the stores attracted a group of investors in 1982 and changed to off-price retail units. Three years after that, the business multiplied to more than 100 stores under the leadership of Stuart Moldaw and Don Rowlett.

Today, Ross Dress for Less offers the best and the latest trends in clothing, home decor, shoes, and more. And since it’s a discount store, you won’t find items in Ross stores that are too expensive.

So, Does Ross Stores Take Apple Pay?

Ross stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method whenever you buy online or in-store in different locations. Ross provides its customers with varying forms of payment.

Apple Pay is a digital wallet service and a mobile payment method supported on Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. It is a contactless payment method, which you can use for any merchant that allows contactless payments.

Moreover, the contactless payment method uses two-factor authentication, which you use with a passcode, PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID. However, Apple pay does not support Windows operating systems and Android devices.

Other Payment Methods Ross Take

Ross stores accept the following methods: cash, debit cards, credit cards, checks, Visa, American Express, Visa, Discover, Samsung Pay, and Mastercard.

Does Ross take Google Pay?

Unfortunately, no. Ross stores don’t take Google Pay at the moment. If you prefer a cashless purchase, your best bet is Apple Pay.

Does Ross Stores take Apple Pay online?

No, Ross Stores don’t take Apple Pay online because they don’t have an online store. Therefore, you can only buy items at their physical stores. Currently, Ross Stores Inc. has over 1,600 locations in 40 states, Guam, and the District of Columbia.

However, you can use the Apple Maps app to see if the Ross store you’re planning to visit takes Apple Pay. Open the Apple Maps app on your device, search for the store, and scroll down to the “Use to Know section.”

Check the Apple Pay logo from that section or “Accepts Apple Pay.” These two indicate that the stores accept Apple Pay as payment. Still, it may be unnecessary to use the Maps app since all Ross stores now accept such contactless payment methods.

How Do I Pay With Apple Pay at Ross Stores?

does ross stores take apple pay apple watch

It’s easy to use Apple Pay at Ross Stores. Just let the cashier know that you prefer to use Apple Pay for payment.

  • iPhone or within apps – To pay using Apple Pay on your iPhone, open the Wallet app. Tap the “Plus” sign to add your debit card and enter the card details. Skip this step if you already have a default card on your Apple Wallet.

If ready for checkout at Ross, move your phone near the card reader. Double click the side button of your device and enter your passcode or glance at your phone for FaceID. You can also rest your finger on the home button using TouchID. Hold your device near the card reader until the transaction is complete.

  • Apple Watch – Paying for your items at Ross stores with your Apple Watch is convenient, simple, and quick. Once you’re ready to check out, double-click the side button of your watch and hold it near the contactless payment terminal. Then, release the button once you feel a slight vibration or hear a sound.

If it’s your first time paying through your Apple Watch, load via the Watch app and once verified, you can use Apple Pay.

You will also receive a receipt for your purchase. Some Ross stores may provide you with a paper receipt, while others will ask if you prefer a digital receipt.

Can I get cashback if I use Apple Pay at Ross?

Sure, you can get cashback if you use Apple Pay at Ross. In most cases, Ross customers can get up to 3% cashback for using the mobile payment service at the checkout.

Reasons to Use Apple Pay When Purchasing at Ross Stores

No Hidden or Additional Charges

Apple Pay does not charge customers fees when they use the digital wallet in stores or apps. Instead, it only charges credit card issuers 0.15% from every purchase, without hidden or additional charges. 

Such guarantees that tokenization (substituting a sensitive identifier or data element) is secure.


Since there is no need for a physical debit or credit card, it lessens the risk of someone stealing your card or your information. Apple Pay doesn’t even use your bank card number for users to make a purchase. Instead, they use a device account number, decreasing the likelihood of security breaches or information theft.

Apple Pay is the adaptation of the EMVco standard, known as the most reliable payment system by several industry experts.


The tech giant Apple will not monitor the purchases made by customers and will neither store the details of these transactions. By doing so, it offers more privacy to the owners. What Apple does instead is to use device account numbers to prevent cyberattacks.

Payment Made Easy

When purchasing, customers who use Apple Pay are likely to experience uninterrupted, smoother interaction. They can store their debit or credit card in the Apple Wallet. In addition, whenever they have to make payments through the app, they must use their phone or Apple Watch close to the scanner. It’s as easy as that.

Wrapping Up

does ross stores take apple pay woman paying

Now that you know about Apple Pay at Ross, it’ll be easier for you to make future transactions. 

You can cut your wait time at checkout by simply tapping to pay. Plus, it’s more secure than swiping your debit or credit card with a magnetic stripe, as Apple Pay has added layers of protection with every transaction.

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