Jason Bond Picks Review – Will He Scam You or Make You Money?


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One of the very few people whose stock picking service and education actually works. But you need to put in the time and effort in order to really learn the core strategies. 

It costs $399 for a 3-month subscription. I would say it’s a bit pricey and I would apprciate a 1-month option instead. However you do get video lessons and a DVD covering all of his strategies. 

The service is mainly aimed at total beginners. Easy to use and follow even if you have no previous trading experience. 

What I like

What I don’t like

  • Price includes videos of core strategies
  • Jason's strategies are actually profitable
  • Swing trading alerts for people with full time jobs/school
  • Easy to follow learning material
  • A number of stock alerts sent daily
  • Would prefer a 1-month membership option
  • Not the best option for advanced traders
  • The chatroom is a bit laggy at some times.

My Verdict

Jason Bond is a decent stock picking and trading education service meant for beginner traders. He has a specific strategy that actually works and he is a really good teacher. One of the very few that I actually recommend. 

I do suggest to join the monthly option so that you can try if it is a fit for you or not. If you are serious about trading, JB’s education will shorten your learning curve by at least a year and save you thousands compared to trying to figure trading out on your own.

There are a lot of stock picking services. Most of them are terrible. In fact, most stock picking services are run by people who are making more cash from their advice than actual trading of stocks.

They got lucky with a few good calls once and people are more than happy to throw money at them in the hope they get lucky again. They have no experience beyond this.

Is the James Bond of trading any different? We’ll this is what we’re about to find out in my thorough Review of Jason Bond.

Who is Jason Bond?

picture of jason bond

Jason Bond is a big name in the ‘small stocks’ industry. He is a day trader who mainly deals with stocks somewhere between $1 and $10 in value.

Little is known about the early life of Jason, and you probably don’t need that information anyway. We do know that he was a teacher for about ten years before he gave up that job in 2011 to launch Jason Bond Picks.

By that point, he was making so much cash that he didn’t need teaching. Although, you can still say he is a teacher to this day. He is sharing his knowledge online, after all!

Are his wealth claims accurate?

mr bond in nyse

Jason doesn’t actually talk too much about how much money he is making. There is absolutely no doubt that he is a multimillionaire.

Even if he were not successful on the stock market (he is), he has more than enough subscribers to his mailing list to give him a sizeable income each year.

I think it was close to 200,000 active subscribers the last time I checked, which is by no means a small number. Each of them is paying a fee to Jason each quarter to take advantage of his services, so they know that it benefits them.

If you are subscribed to Jason Bonds, then you will get a list of the exact trades that he makes sent right to your inbox in real time.

You also have a ton of information available to you where you can see what Jason is planning to trade on too. If you line this all up and believe he is making those trades, then you can easily see that he is making a sizeable sum of cash on the stock market.

He isn’t lying about it. He genuinely could shut down the Jason Bond Picks website tomorrow and still continue to be a millionaire.

The Rich Students

Jason claims that he has made at least three people millionaires. This sounds about right.

He is not trading stocks with a whopping great value here, so if you are going to be a millionaire through his system then you either need to do a lot of trading or have a lot of start up capital.

Most people getting into these systems are going to do neither. They just want to make a couple of small trades here and there to supplement their income and call it a day.

He doesn’t go into that much depth on who his millionaire students are. No surprise as they really should be having their identity protected.

There is a ‘Millionaire Maker’ course on the site where he provides you with the exact same tools that he provided the rich students with, and by all accounts if you follow it to the letter, there is a strong chance that you can make some cash too.

Jason’s Book

amazon book reviews
His book is actually a really interesting read, if you have the time for it.

Jason has also published a book on the topic of swing trading. You can find it on Amazon, it has really good reviews. You don’t need to read it in order to follow his alerts, but it’s a great addition to your knowledge.

Are you guaranteed to make money?

spreading money

Nope, Of course not.

Surprisingly, Jason is one of only a few stock pickers online who does not make the claim that you are going to make money. That would not be wise for him to do. Stocks are volatile, and even Jason is going to hit a few duds on occasion.

There are plenty of people online who do get a little bit critical of Jason from time to time, simply saying that his picks didn’t work for them. This is normal.

If somebody could accurately predict the stock market 100% of the time, they would be the richest person in the world.

If you do want to make money with the Jason Bond Picks site, then you can’t really jump blindly into it. As mentioned previously; you will get real time updates on the trades he is making.

However, thousands of other people are going to be receiving these emails too. Small value stocks are notoriously valuable, so on occasion when Jason makes a trade, the price can be pushed temporarily up if you are not quick enough.

Jason always encourages you to do your research before you make any trade and never to follow him just because he done something. It can be tempting to always follow exactly what a multimillionaire stock trader is doing, at least at the start.

Try to shake that idea and you will probably make much more money.

Jason Bond Picks Services

bond picks services

The main service on the site is built for ‘day and swing traders’. It is for those who don’t have a ton of cash or time at their disposal, so they just want something where they can make quick, small trades throughout the day.

This is the ideal service for those who may have a full-time job and simply have time to buy and sell stocks on their lunch break.

The minimum subscription you can sign up for here is a quarter, but it is still going to be cheaper than most other company’s single month subscription and, honestly, you are going to be getting better value for money with Jason Bond Picks.

The goal for this service is to make you a profit of between 5% and 20%. Jason suggests that the maximum yearly profit for this system is about $100,000.

It can be scaled a little bit more, but since this is only trading on the smaller stocks, it may be a bit difficult when you are competing with a lot of other people who are following the same advice.

Each week, you will get up to ten alerts on swing stocks.

mr bonds buy alert screen
Jason sends his picks via e-mail and SMS. It’s easy to receive and act upon them.

All of these have been vetted by the team who works at Jason Bond Picks. These are stocks which are relatively ‘safe’. You will need to buy them often and in larger quantities if you want to see money.

Although, some of these stocks have seen 300% increases on their value, so even if you bought in at $1, you are still walking away with an extra $3. Buy a hundred of them, and you have $400 in your pocket.

Each time Jason Bond enters and exits a market, you will also get a text and email alert. This is the type of thing you need to be on the lookout for. This is where the most money can be made…if you are quick.

A lot of people tend to buy stocks when Jason Bond does, so if you don’t act fast the price may have gone up by a considerable amount and you won’t make any money.

You will also have access to a huge suite of educational tools. These are instructional videos that Jason Bond has put together. They are designed for those who are new to the world of swing trading or trading altogether.

Some of his entertaining videos, he has a number of trading education videos to help you get started with everything.

They can be a little bit ‘basic’ if you already know some things about making stock trades, but there is still enough information here for experienced people. Everybody who watches this educational content tends to learn something.

Most people see these educational tools as a ‘bonus’ to their membership as opposed to a reason why they signed up in the first place.

You will also find a ton of information on the trades that Jason Bond is planning to make in the future, or stocks which he thinks looks good but has yet to take the plunge on them.

On top of all of this, you have an incredibly active chat room where people will be discussing their trades almost 24/7. This is one of the best parts about the membership. There are a lot of experienced people in these chat rooms who you can lean on for information. You will also get a lot of trading tips that you won’t have sent to your email address. Many people find that the chat room is more than worth the low membership fee. There is just so much knowledge being thrown about.

In the chat room, you will find an additional 15 more alerts each day. These aren’t from Jason Bond, but a guy who he employs to manage the day trading side of things. Keep the window up while you are working and you will be given an instant notification that a trade has been made or about to be made. You can jump in on the action before that price has been pushed up.

Is it easy for beginners to use?

The whole platform has designed to be as simple as possible for newbies to the world of day trading to get ‘started’. While you won’t be able to make your trades through the site, Jason does provide a couple of decent services that he thinks are great for beginners.

Everything that you need to know is clearly laid out. There is a lot of information to read through and a ton of videos to watch, but because Jason has that ‘teaching’ background, he has a way of making even the most complicated things sound ‘simple’.

Even if you are not planning to use any of the picks that he makes, it is still worth watching this video content if you are new to the game.

It is easier than trawling through website after website looking for information.

Some people do argue that the platform does not offer enough for the more experienced traders. This is fair to say. The base product has only been designed for those that don’t know about trading but want to make money.

If you are an experienced trader, or perhaps have more time on your hands, then Jason does offer a couple of extra services which may interest you.

One of these is the ‘millionaire maker’ system, which basically gives you everything that we talked about before, but also more complicated information.

It is designed for those who are trading tens of thousands of dollars per year, if not more.

Is Jason Bond Picks worth your time and money?

It depends on you.

As mentioned previously; this is not a ‘get rich quick’ system. There is no such thing in the world of stock trading. This is a system which has been designed to only work if you are willing to put the work in.

Many people sign up for the stock alerts, which is fantastic. Do as you please. However, you need to do your research into why Jason has picked those stocks as potential candidates to trade with.

You will want to learn how to analyze the market and find out how he came to that conclusion. Only then should you follow the tips he gives (yes, it is a long and laborious process). You will make money if you do that.

You will make a lot more than what your membership fee is too.

If you are new to stock trading, then Jason Bond Picks is worth every penny that you spend on it.

There is no other place online where you can get this much information for such a low price. He is literally talking about everything you need to know about swing trading at the lower end of the market.

The tools that you pick up here have the potential to make you millions if you decide to expand your ‘stock trading’ empire.

Long story short; with Jason Bond Picks, you are going to make money if you put the effort in. It will take a while, but you will earn money.

The Negative

Perhaps the biggest downside is the amount of people using the service can make stocks expensive if you do not act fast, but since you are no doubt going to be doing your research before you make any trade this should not be that much of a problem.

One complaint that he gets is that the cost of the membership is a little bit on the high side. And it makes sense. People don’t know if he Jason’s service can help them or not and thus it is not so easy to spend $399 of your hard-earned money. 

However, If you’ve shopped around, you’ve probably already seen that the pricing is not that high compared to other similar services that actually offer good quality. 

Included in the 399 are his video lessons and he currently has an offer where he will also give you access to his 1499 DVD, if you join his chat room. So you’ll get a 3-month access to his chat rooms, his video courses and a full DVD. 

So pricing wise, I’d say that’s an appealing offer. And as I’ve stated many times before, it’s wiser to learn from someone who has already figured out the road to profits instead of trying to get there on your own. You’ll burn through a lot of money trying to get there by yourself. Unfortunately I personally learned this the hard way. 

Would I Recommend Jason Bond’s Service?

If you’re serious about making money on the stock markets, then Yes.

Jason Bond Picks is one the most popular stock picking services online for a good reason. It works and it is affordable for what you get. If you are going to take day trading seriously, then this is the service you need to sign up for. You won’t make millions overnight, but put the work in and you could see incredible returns on your time and money.

NB! If you have any personal experience with the man or his service, please share below. The more opinions we have, the better it is for people to make an educated decision.

Thank you!


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  1. Paul I hope u received my email I have questions I do not mind paying but I don’t like when there is no phone number

  2. Bond is a Con artist … Every add features him sitting at a shitty diner or walking around wearing K-mart digs … I did spend a few minutes watching his Bull Shit chart crap … He is a Total Imbecile … Where the Fuck am I going to find these chart patterns??? There is nothing in the real world that resembles this Nonsense!!!

  3. Matt you are an ignorant fool. If you were not ignorant and clueless to the market you will see that his strategies actually exist. Trading is not for you. You can’t even spell. Maybe you should stop badgering someone’s company and take that time to go back to school and fresh up on your vocabulary.

  4. Cedar, have you tried his program? You were able to put his charts on your computer? Did u follow him? I’m just curious!!!! I would not think a millionaire , who wants to help people , charge so much money, but hey if it works, I’m interested , but no one likes to be taken advantaged of

  5. I gotta tell you Jason Bond is awesome at selling his service but not at trading. He is not consistent, constantly changes his services from your original agreement and if you read the fine print it states that they can make changes to the services at any time. He is not consistent with his watch list. Some days you will get them and other days you won’t. His trading strategy is more like gambling and it doesn’t properly teach you the correct way to be a successful trader. Your equity curve will look like a violet yo-yo. He now has his students teaching the room. Some have only been trading successfully for a couple of years. The only reason why they are making big bucks which Jason brags about on Twitter is because the members in the room are playing follow the leader. Highly recommend that you study and learn on your own and save your money! If you do decide to follow a service stay away from this one and make sure the service offers some kind of satisfaction guarantee.

  6. Cheryl, i bought and followed his program, i learned alot, i traded very small amounts of money to try it. i lost more on the cost of buying and selling the trade its self…thats not a complaint thats cuz i didint trade with larger amounts of money. i would use his service again or even kyles, maybe petras, i stopped because i was overwhelmed with the amount of trades he was doing..it confused me ( i would get texted all the time.. he was in and out of trades alot ) . if you can get past all the advertising and add ons that they do, because they are a marketing “machine” and I’m sure he makes alot of money through that alone ( which he should, if you know anything about marketing, that in itself is something to learn from him ). good luck.

  7. JB Picks STAY AWAY – JB Picks use to be good but not anymore. JB use to be very engaged with his members such as text/email notifications of trades and use to display his active portfolio. Over the last month the service offered less and less to where now it’s about very slim at best. JB has since removed his active portfolio and has notified everyone that the only trade alerts one will receive is via email and it’s only for a possible buy- he no longer offers “now is a good time to sell” he will however in his email alert suggest a stop/loss. Also, JB is constatnly selling his Millionaire Roadmap which member fee is about upwards of $4K. So to surmise, when I originally joined in January 2019 I thought the service was informative and quite good. Now, present day May 2019 SAVE YOUR MONEY. Oh, and not to mention if one dares to comment anything negative on his email posts your comment will be instantally deleted. Also note that all of the positive reviews are prior to May when the service was ‘good’. Now, stick with the constant in my review STAY AWAY – all he cares about is taking your money any which way possible.

    • Agree 100%! STAY AWAY! I also have been a member of his service for about 2 years! He used to care about his members or at least that is what I thought at the time when he would call us his family. The only good thing I can say about JB is he is an excellent sales person and that is all he cares about, period. I remember watching his webinar before I took the plunge and he said that his service was perfect for the working individual to follow his trades. Then if you follow his trades and lose money and post it in the chat room JB and some of the other members will say “This is not a mirror service and it is your fault for losing money because you are not suppose to follow him”. SMH. Also, a while back JB told all his members in the Million Road Map chat that he would “NEVER” trade options again and if he did he guaranteed a free membership to all his subscribers. Well he reneged on his promise and took an option trade on TSLA and the way it looks now he will be out of thousands of dollars! So why would anybody want to buy a service from a man who lacks integrity? In my opinion, a person is only as good as their word. Currently, I have a screen shot of his P/L as of Friday, May 17, 2019 and his P/L shows a lose of $243,630. The two highest loses are from LQMT: $170K, TSLA: $55K. Now why would you want anyone teaching you how to trade if they cannot get a handle on their trading plan and trades like a gambler in Las Vegas? Also, on Friday Jeff Bishop was on TD Ameritrade Network and JB was scheduled to go on but they canceled his segment. He is only concerned with materialism and becoming famous. For anybody starting out my best advice would be to study on your own as if this was a degree and not to follow anybody.

  8. JB isnt a genius, we can all learn this “method” by doing due dilligence. Dont waste money and try it for yourself, you may luck out and be the next JB!!

  9. I would just like to point out that the reason JB is successful on many trades is because he has thousands of students buying that stock after him and running up the price. That is good for him but does not benefit most of his students. Historically, the patterns he uses (RSI, wedge, and breakout) have no predictive power in regards to a stock’s performance. That is true by virtually every study.


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