Profits Unlimited Review

profits unlimited review

The biggest dilemma of people who want to invest in individual stocks is picking which stocks to invest in. Choosing the right stocks can be like a part-time job and most investors don’t have that spare time.

If you’re among these people who want to invest in individual stocks but don’t have the inclination or time to research which corporations to buy, a good solution would be subscribing to a stock-picking newsletter.

A good stock-picking newsletter can tell you exactly which stocks to buy and may even help you outperform the market. Stock trading newsletters have been in existence for decades, but there’s just plenty to choose from and most comes at a cost.

One of these stock trading newsletters is Profits Unlimited. But of all stock picking newsletters available, is it really worth it? Or is it even legit, to begin with? Who is the man or who are the people behind this newsletter? Do you know their motivations? 

What’s their investment methodology? Does Profits Unlimited have a track record? If yes, is it plausible? 

In an attempt to answer all these questions, I’ve come up with this in-depth Profits Unlimited Review to help you check its value.

I hope you have a blast reading this. 

What Is Profits Unlimited?

Again, Profits Unlimited is a monthly stock-picking or investment newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. There are other newsletters published by Banyan Hill aside from Profits Unlimited.

The person who writes financial advice is Paul Mampilly. In every issue, he gives his readers his idea and opinion on the state of the market, including his professional-grade analysis and insights.

Furthermore, in every issue, there’s a strong-buy stock pick that he breaks down in detail. That way, subscribers can quickly know this information before they invest. 

Paul Mampilly works with a team. I’ll share with you later what you’ll be getting once you subscribed to Profits Unlimited. 

But before that, let’s first know if it’s really legit.

Is Profits Unlimited legit?

Well, yes. It is legit, but I’m not here to sugarcoat things. Paul Mampilly has his fair share of critics. There are those who criticized him for making more money from Profits Unlimited subscribers than he actually does from his stock investments.

Others are saying that he’s just using marketing hype. I too observed that the marketing they used usually involves strong claims and most videos are lengthy. Plus, it directs you to its products.

For those who are not members of his platform, it’s easy to be skeptical and you’re entitled to your opinion, everyone is. That’s why I’ve made this Profits Unlimited Review and checked what other members are saying about the service to help you make an educated decision whether to follow Paul Mampilly’s stock recommendation and stock picks!

Who is Paul Mampilly 

Paul Mampilly started his financial career way back in 1991. From an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust, he rose to prominent positions that allowed him to manage multimillion-dollar accounts, particularly for German global banking firm Deutsche Bank, among other accounts.

After that, he also managed accounts for a $6 billion hedge fund (Kinetics Asset Management, LLC) and for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Whew! Impressive financial resume, I must say. 

As a Former Hedge Fund Manager

When he was working as a hedge fund manager, he gained experience that led him to earn first place in a prestigious investment competition. During a financial crisis, he earned 76% returns on an investment worth $50 million. And he was able to achieve that in just two years.

Aside from these experiences, he was also investing on his own. That was when he uncovered a stock called Sarepta Therapeutics. At that time, it was starting to develop a drug for muscular dystrophy. 

Paul invested in it, and, in less than a year, it gained 2,539%. In the early 2000s, Paul is also among the people who invested in the still-budding Netflix. In less than two years, the investment paid off and he pulled off a 329% gain from the streaming service.

As an Editor of Profits Unlimited

The former hedge fund manager now becomes the editor of Profits Unlimited, where he offers his top stock picks to over 100,000 readers.

Paul Mampilly also authored the book Profits Unlimited: A Wall Street Insider Reveals the Secret to Life-Changing Wealth.

If you’re interested in his “investment secret” on how he was able to secure financial independence, here’s the link to Profits Unlimited Book.

Now, at the beginning of this Profits Unlimited Review, remember me asking what are the motivations of people behind such a stock-picking platform? The answer is to provide investment advice to regular Americans, the Main Street investors.

I just couldn’t bear to be making money for the sake of making money for some of the richest people in the world,” Paul Mampilly shared on his website

But of course, this is the reason why I’m making this review. So we can find out if those words are just marketing or his passion indeed.

Pricing Plans

profits unlimited subscribe

Premium Subscription — $6.58/mo (billed $79 annually)

With this  Premium package Subscription for Profits Unlimited, you get a one-year print and digital subscription to the newsletter.

You’ll also have access to everything that’s provided for the standard package, plus special bonus reports (seen on the sales page) of

  1. 5 Stocks to Power Up Your 5G Portfolio
  2. How to Make 1,000% in America’s Next Energy, and
  3. Blockchain Fortunes: The Company at the Cusp of a 77,400% Windfall

Standard Subscription — $3.92/mo (billed $47 annually)

For the Profits Unlimited standard subscription, you’ll also have a one-year digital subscription to the newsletter, two bonus reports namely, The Blacklist and My No1. Stock, three-month bonus access to Alpha Investor Report, email trading alerts, stock market model portfolio, and weekly webinars.

What Does a Subscription Include?

monthly stock picking

Paul’s Model Portfolio

With your standard/ print subscription of $4 a month or premium subscription of $6.58 a month (of course this includes those with lifetime subscriptions), you’ll be able to access Paul Mampilly’s model portfolio.

This Profits Unlimited portfolio includes Paul’s stock picks, including those he has already recommended selling. Some say access to this portfolio is literally like looking over Mampilly’s shoulder while he is buying stocks for his Wall Street clients and stocks that you need to avoid. That’s why it’s considered personalized investment advice.

Profits Unlimited Buy and Sell Recommendations

What Blockchain stock does Paul Mampilly recommend? 

The Profits Unlimited editor is also in favor of blockchain tech instead of the traditional privacy process. If you’re not familiar with blockchain, it’s an unalterable electronic record that holds people’s identification in a single place, like a UBS or a chip can.

One of the stocks that Paul recommended was  VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF. The company is one of the leading chipmakers in the world and has great potential for future growth.

paul mampilly recommendation

Ever since Paul recommended investing in the stock, it soared by up to 90% and since the industry continues to develop and grow, Paul said to his readers that it could soar even more.

Profits Unlimited Newsletter

The Profits Unlimited newsletter is pretty much self-explanatory. All issues are stored in the monthly issues and you can use this to see how stock prices change over time.

The most essential part of the newsletter would be Paul’s recommendations or the Profits Unlimited monthly briefings. I can see a lot of analysis was done prior to giving this to Profits Unlimited members. The data includes company information, graphs, and statistics so you can understand better why Paul is picking that stock.

Weekly Updates and Trade Alerts

The Wall Street insider also recommends members to stock through the weekly updates section. Here, you can see Paul’s current positions too and in every update, there is coverage of market trends that affects Profits Unlimited’s stock picks.

Then, there are trade alerts. Since not all stock picks will eventually turn out to be winners, Paul will send you an email when it would be the best time to exit your current position or that you can still keep your eye on a particular stock.

In the trade alerts, there are instructions on what steps you can do. And you can follow this process or make trades using your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. 

How do I unsubscribe from Profits Unlimited?

If you wish to cancel your Profits Unlimited newsletter subscription as you don’t see the explosive growth that it promises or what others experience, you can simply call the customer service team at 866-584-4096.

In terms of upsells, there are two upsells to Paul’s newsletters. These are the Premium subscriptions and Deluxe (buys you a print subscription).

Profits Unlimited Review: Feedback from Others

Here are some Profits unlimited reviews I gathered from various websites and forums:


Jackson Woods, a subscriber to Profits Unlimited newsletters, shared on YouTube his review about the service. 

I’ve used Profits Unlimited for only nine months now and the very first stock Paul ever recommended to me was Wayfair stock and it surged 375% in one month. That paid off my entire subscription cost for the next two years,” Woods said.

Meanwhile, Stock Alerts Reviewed shared the Profits Unlimited dashboard in his video and said, “It’s a service if you want to buy a stock and hold it for big gains over multiple years.”

In my personal observation, I noticed how Paul’s trade alerts or stock picks sometimes do not perform well. That means that if you decide to start investing, you should still have your own analysis because the market can be unpredictable. 

I mean, get to know the company as well, study its numbers, and how it is making a profit. Only then decide if it also fits in your investment portfolio.

But in terms of past positions that are reflected in the model portfolio, I would still say the Profits Unlimited newsletter is good.

Sometimes, Paul would even recommend another stock to make up for his stock losers and you’ll read these in trade alerts. That way, you can buy up more for another company.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing or former Sovereign Society also shared some feedback from their members. 

A Profits U member said, “ I follow the rules of the game faithfully and my brokerage account has increased 300% in that time [18 months]. If you are a scam artist, then you are my favorite scam artist!”

Another wrote, “One of the things I really like about the service is that Paul, in particular, is an optimist. And it really shines through.”

To see more Profits Unlimited testimonials, check the link here.


In other websites and forums, I’ve seen other people sharing their feedback about Profits Unlimited. One said, “I have been making money with the newsletter. I am a satisfied customer.”

Another wrote, “Most of Paul Mampilly’s picks are long. I prefer short, get big gains and get out. His DDD stock is supposed to be a big gainer. I had it for a month, it was stagnant so I jumped out.”


There’s also an investor, who’s happy to share his good return rate from Paul’s monthly issues and weekly updates. “[I] kept adding money paycheck to paycheck.”

To protect your investment, though, do not just base investment decisions solely on these feedbacks but do your own investment research and compare what Profits Unlimited can offer to other stock trading newsletters. 

Moreover, you should also take into account your personal circumstances when investing. Have a personal financial roadmap, be familiar with major market trends, and determine your comfort zone when it comes to taking on risks.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent performance since 2016
  • Inexpensive digital access to investment newsletters/ monthly newsletters
  • Profits Unlimited includes access to special reports of emerging tech
  • Portfolio updates are available in transcript and video
  • Helpful trade alerts
  • Does not have a large following vs. other stock-picking newsletters so the best stocks don’t usually jump 10% or more on the day Paul Mampilly recommends them
  • Paul chooses innovative companies that are poised for the biggest growth


  • Often, only one stock pick is given per month
  • Long weekly updates

Profits Unlimited Alternatives I Can Recommend

If you think the monthly investment newsletters and weekly updates of Profits Unlimited are not for you after a trial subscription, then you may want to check the investment recommendations of Palm Beach Confidential, Stansberry Research, and Agora Financial.

These publishing platforms also offer fresh stock market insights that you can take advantage of, but some are highly aggressive with their marketing strategy, like the Baltimore-based firm Agora Financial.

The good thing, though, is that the publishing company has several newsletters that cover different topics in finance, like creating income streams, wealth management, and investments.


investment newsletter

Overall, in terms of Paul Mampilly’s or the Profits Unlimited’s investment performance, quality of analysis and writing, customer service, and value for the price, I would say there’s a potential to earn a fortune from his stock picks.

If you compare the value of a stock-picking newsletter against the price of hiring financial professionals to guide you in your investing career, you can save more money. And I tried comparing it to other well-known financial newsletters, including Stock Advisor, and they’re complementary and Profits Unlimited offers a slightly better value.

How about you? Have you already subscribed to Profits Unlimited? Please share your feedback about your experience with the platform!

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