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true wealth reviews

You don’t have to take big risks to make big returns.” 

Well, that’s according to True Wealth and Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. But is it really a sound investment philosophy? The answer to this question will be my focus for today’s post.

If you feel slightly uneasy with that promise, just like I did in the beginning, I’m here to let you know that I totally understand the doubt. I mean, the system (True Wealth newsletter) is pretty much run only by two guys: Dr. Steve himself and a lead analyst.

Not to mention that some of the market analysis or financial advice he gives to his True Wealth members is going against the flow of the traffic.

But, is his investment advice really legit? What will you get for your money with True Wealth? What are the pros and cons of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory? And would I recommend the service to you?

We will answer all these questions in this True Wealth Review. So, let’s get to the reason you’re here.

What is True Wealth?

True Wealth is a financial advisory platform or a monthly financial newsletter, specializing in safe, alternative investments. 

True Wealth shows its readers that it’s possible to make “a lot of” money from safe investments, which are usually overlooked by Wall Street.

The key idea behind True Wealth is that you buy undervalued assets and when there’s already a great demand for it, sell them. That’s why it is said to be less risky but offers big returns since buyers are willing to pay by the time you sell the assets.

Examples of these assets are oil and gas, gold, timber, farmland, virtual banks, and Icelandic bonds.

The True Wealth platform is also one of the most popular financial advisories in terms of the exchange-traded fund (ETF) and the stock market. While you often just hear the name of Dr. Steve Sjuggerud as the editor of True Wealth, there’s actually another guy who contributes to the success of the platform. That’s the lead analyst, Brett Eversole.

How is it Related to Stansberry Research?

Every time you hear  True Wealth, another name would almost always appear and that’s Stansberry Research. 

If you’re confused about how the two are related, the answer is that it operates under the research service Stansberry Research with HQ in Maryland. It also has additional offices in California, Oregon, and Florida. Anyways, going back to Stansberry Research, it is a subscription-based publisher of software and financial information with millions of members.

As one of the biggest financial analysis publications in the financial industry, Stansberry Research is known on Wall Street for its successful investment messages.

To be more exact, True Wealth is only among the portfolios or macro-level services offered by Stansberry Research. But these services will be reserved for another topic. In the meantime, I’ll give you a glimpse of other macro-level services of Stansberry Research.

These include the:

  • Retirement Millionaire monthly advisory, 
  • Extreme Value investment advisory, 
  • Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor that is a portfolio of gold and gold-stock investments, and 
  • Stansberry Innovations Report, among others.

Another monthly service called The True Wealth Opportunities: China is a part of the Specialized Investment Research category and it specifically looks for the best investment opportunities in China or Chinese stocks.

Is Stansberry Research legitimate?

Stansberry Research is definitely not a scam. You can rest assured of that. And I’m not even in any way affiliated to the company to be sharing the truth about the service nor do I mean to upsell the product. 

My goal is just to bring you this honest-to-goodness True Wealth review so you can learn about the platform before handing in your hard-earned money for a one-year subscription.

Who is Steve Sjuggerud?

Known for his “super safe profitable investment ideas,” Dr. Steve is True Wealth’s editor and Stansberry Research’s chief strategist. He is also called the “wealth expert” in the financial industry.

The True Wealth brainchild (Dr. Steve) has been featured in reputable financial institutions and news platforms, such as Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg

Before he is popularly known as the editor Steve Sjuggerud or an excellent hedge-fund manager and broker, he also pursued a Ph.D. dissertation on international currencies and traveled to several countries in search of investment ideas.

Oh! There’s also that interview with The Meb Faber Show, where Dr. Steve shared that he became the Vice President of a $50 million global-closed-end mutual fund at the age of 23 and, later on, a broker specializing in international stocks. 

I saw that a lot of my clients were reading these horrible investment newsletters. And I couldn’t believe that these intelligent people were relying on such basically horrendous advice,” he said. Thus, the birth of the True Wealth newsletter (monthly newsletter) and Dr. Steve’s stock recommendations.

Now, this will lead us to another question…

Is Steve Sjuggerud’s Investment Advice Any Good?

Personally, I have mixed feelings.

I find some of his stock recommendations or his investment advice to be generally accurate. Back in early 2003, he even said that the price of gold would sharply rise.

And true enough, just one month after he said those words… the price of gold skyrocketed! Up to this day, many of his subscribers can claim that his predictions are accurate and his stock picks are helpful.

Aside from writing financial newsletters, he also co-authored books, including 

  • The Secret Currency: How the World’s Wealthiest Families Make Money Even When Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate Lose Value
  • The Pirate Investor’s Bible – 242 Investment Secrets, Techniques, and Resources
  • Currency Crisis: How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth When the Government Destroys Our Money, and
  • Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom

Dr. Steve also predicted the burst of Dot. com-bubble back in April 2000. He cashed in because, in the early 2000s, he invested his money into gold. How wise! And if you think he’s just lucky, think again.

That’s because he replicated this success during the 2008 financial crisis. He also earned during the bull market of 2017 and 2018.

Steve was also the first analyst to accurately call the bottom and recovery in the US housing market. At that time, he put his readers for advances like 82% in the Home Construction Fund and 191% in the Blackstone Group.

Why did I say I have mixed feelings earlier regarding Steve’s investment advisory? That’s because it seems like you have to go against the grain.

And the thing is, the most life-changing and the biggest profits of those who followed the advisory service/ special reports are those who made the bravest choices.

Even True Wealth issued a statement, “We can’t say for sure if Steve’s True Wealth is right for you.”  But one way to find out is to just get started.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s Specialty: Low-Risk Stock Market Opportunities (Losing a Few Battles to Win the War!)

Dr. Sjuggerud’s investment philosophy, as I mentioned earlier, is to buy assets (of great value/potential) when no one else wants them. The typical holding period? At least one year.

He launched the True Wealth special report/ newsletter in 2001 and today, he continues to share his expertise in investments through this newsletter that is published monthly (every third Friday of every month).

What is Steve Sjuggerud’s Net Worth?

Investment adviser/ editor Steve Sjuggerud has a net worth of $5 Million as of May 2021, according to news provider MD Daily Record. However, the website itself is not very authoritative in my opinion.

If you check other websites, such as Famous People of Today, the estimated net worth of Dr. Steve is $10 million. So, the data is conflicting.

Nevertheless, considering his background while coming up with this True Wealth Review, I realized he is someone who’s been in the industry long enough to have unparalleled skills in terms of predicting business trends. And with that, comes the ability to create his own wealth.

What Do You Get for Your Money with True Wealth?

financial advisory platform

Say, you’ve finally dotted the line for True Wealth. What do you get for your money?

12 Monthly Issues of True Wealth

First would be the 12 monthly issues of True Wealth, where you’ll find Steve’s latest recommendations so you can see exactly where you can invest your money, his latest market analysis, and the current portfolio.

Special Readers-Only Reports

These are guides made by Steve Sjuggerud. Some includes:

  • How to Make Five Times Your Money Outside of the US Dollar
    • How to Buy the World’s Most Valuable Real Estate at a Massive Discount; and
  • A Rare Second Chance to Make Money From the Largest and Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the World

The Stansberry Digest

Your subscription also gives you valuable information on what the Stansberry Research editorial team sees that is taking shape in the emerging markets. This will be emailed to you every weekday.

There’s also that Secret Currency, which reveals the “secret” investment of some of the richest families in the world and only a few Americans know anything about it.

True Wealth Cost  / Price Plans

Access to True Wealth costs $199 per year and it comes with a 30-Day Trial Period Subscription. 

If you think you’re ready to sign up for the risk-free 30-day trial, here’s a shortcut link for you!

Again, I’m not affiliated with True Wealth.

To get started with buying undervalued assets that follow the True Wealth system, you will need approximately $1,000. The target market? Beginning investors, people planning for retirement, and retirees hoping to earn money.

What you will be buying, based on Dr. Steve’s advisory service, are mostly ETFs and stocks. 

For those who want to cancel the True Wealth newsletter or your subscription, you can email Stansberry’s customer service department via or call them at 888 – 261 – 2693.

Who is True Wealth Best For

True Wealth is best for beginners, long-term investors, and conservative investors. Those with retirement savings, swing businessmen, and risk-averse traders. 

The True Wealth newsletter does not really require much work, which is a plus for beginner investors since most sales will be facilitated by stop losses.

One of the perks of them joining True Wealth is that they can take advantage of the platform’s fundamentally analytical research. They will also get a comprehensive and the most up-to-date portfolio analysis.

Pros and Cons of True Wealth Newsletter

The Pros

  • The recommendations/ special reports were given by True Wealth have a good track record
  • Relatively inexpensive than other monthly financial newsletters
  • Diversified holdings in True Wealth recommendations include commodities and international stocks
  • The service is established (has provided members with research reports and advice since 2001)
  • Since it is a monthly newsletter, you can be sure that the recommendations are really up-to-date and current
  • True Wealth covers your subscription with a money-back guarantee so you can try the product without risk
  • Returns are usually better than the broader market
  • True Wealth newsletter is easy to read, even for lay investors

The Cons

  • It will not be for everyone
  • Not much fundamental or technical analysis in True Wealth newsletters
  • Lower returns vs. comparable service, such as Stock Advisor
  • Does not offer a full refund

True Wealth Review – Feedback from Others

The Good

I searched various forums and websites to know True Wealth’s reputation and complaints, most especially from actual members.

One said, “I doubled my money on their recommendations on natural gas and on their selling options advice. I wish I had found them sooner.”

I [have been a] subscriber for about 2 years to a number of his newsletters. I have learned more from his newsletters and education than most other ones I have tried. I have earned at least 10 times over what the subscription was worth. Especially the option selling education is excellent,” another review reads.

The Bad

But then, there are also negative comments. One said, “We thought the True Wealth System was a system [where] we can learn to trade and make a profit. However, it is just newsletters and 18 stock picks. People need to avoid and not get trapped in this gimmick.”

“They call it a True Wealth System, it is just a website that includes a newsletter and 18 stock picks that they posted on the website.”

Better Alternative

Without a doubt, True Wealth is an attractive financial newsletter and it focuses on emerging investment opportunities. Most of the holdings in the model portfolios are proven to have returned between 15 to 35%.

It costs more than $100 a year to subscribe to The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor newsletters. The price may not be a big difference, but the Stock Advisor has a more impressive return.

Since its inception, The Motley Fool newsletter has returned over 300% vs. around 75% for the S&P 500 market index in the same time period. For similar services (newsletters of one or two recommendations every month), Stock Advisor has a higher return compared to what True Wealth has generated.

Also, True Wealth covers a wider range of assets while Stock Advisor covers only US stocks. If you want to start investing while protecting your money in a downturn, this could spell a big difference. 

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s Predictions This 2021

Dr. Sjuggerud’s prediction this year is that The Melt Down is Coming and until it arrives, let us enjoy the Melt Up while we still can.

Why now? He said in this newsletter it’s because the Fed promised low-interest rates and it will keep the interests lower and far longer than people can think of. This will cause asset prices, such as real estate and stocks, to soar higher.

And how investors of today will be able to handle the Melt Down will be one of the most important events in their financial life. For instance, if you are 55 years old and you play it the wrong way, there’s a possibility of you losing the money you have already invested.

The wrong move could cause you to work 10 more years before your retirement because of a few bad decisions this 2021. 

What will you do then so you won’t be that guy? Well, that’s for his subscribers, I guess. His goal is to share his knowledge so they can participate in all of the upside potentials now in the Melt Up and then get them with most of their gains when the Melt Down arrives.

Nobody can know the future of course, but that is my prediction,” Sjuggerud wrote.

Final Verdict: What’s My Opinion on This?

monthly financial newsletter

To be honest, True Wealth is potentially worth it. It has existed since 2001 and has earned a good track record over the past two decades. 

I believe its monthly issues are something you would consider trusting. Dr. Steve’s knowledge and his stock picks shared through True Wealth newsletters are beneficial to both experienced investors and beginners. 

It also focuses on long-term income rather than getting rich quickly. For only $199, it’s quite a good deal, I think. And if you don’t like what it offers, there’s that 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get the full refund of your investment if you decide that the service is not right for you.

Most people take too much risk when they invest their money. But Steve’s goal with his newsletter and training videos is to show you safer opportunities to make a fortune.

However, I’m not saying that there aren’t other far more reliable platforms out there. And if you do subscribe to the True Wealth newsletter to be more knowledgeable in the stock market, I encourage you to use only the newsletter’s recommendation as your starting point to picking investments.

In short…

Don’t just blindly take True Wealth’s investment/ financial advice. 

Still, you have to do your part and read market trends that Dr. Steve believes are happening. Then, find counterpoints to his arguments, as I do to any financial guru.

In the end, the advice is an opinion. While I don’t have any issues with True Wealth, it also does not offer analysis or tools beyond the newsletters. Meaning, it does not have much more to stand on rather than the strength of its stock picks.

The True Wealth special reports are also a good place to begin if you are not that experienced in the stock market yet. There, you will access the 20201 Melt Up Blueprint, Dr. Steve’s favorite Melt Up investments, and instructions on how you’re going to buy them.

If you’ve subscribed to True Wealth, feel free to share your feedback about your experience!

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