Weekly Money Multiplier Review

weekly money multiplier review

Are you interested in making money with options trading? If yes, then I want you to know that options trading is different from mutual funds or trading stocks. Options trading may promise higher potential returns but are also inherently more complex. 

I have to use caution while writing this review because it’s common for a newbie trader to jump headfirst and blindly follow the options alerts only to get their trading account wiped out because they have not yet built up the experience and foundation necessary to manage trades.

Yet, if you still want to take options trading seriously, receiving guidance from experts in this industry is important. This helps beginners to get a birds-eye-view of how a millionaire trader or an expert sets up successful trades… and hopefully, you can follow their trails.

In this post, I will do an in-depth Money Multiplier review to help you know whether it offers a good value for money for beginners who want to go full time and be successful in options trading. 

Is it a scam or worth subscribing to? Is it true that you’ll be doubling your investment?

Let’s find out more about this service.

What is Weekly Money Multiplier (WMM)?

Weekly Money Multiplier (WMM) is an options trading service that is owned by Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. They also have Nathan Bear in the team as their moderator. I will share the professional background of these people in a bit so you get to know them better.

Now, going back to Weekly Money Multiplier, the main focus of this options trading educational program is providing options trading alerts. It is for people who want to follow a guaranteed method of pulling in regular and substantial profits from their efforts.

And with the options trading educational program of WMM, everyone – novices without trading experience to seasoned traders- can take advantage of the options trading strategies offered in this program.

If you want to know more about stock trading strategies and trading options offered by WMM, keep on reading this Weekly Money Multiplier Review. I’ll also give you later on the pros and cons of the platform. But for now, I give you Jeff Bishop’s professional background.

Jeff Bishop: The Man Behind the Weekly Money Multiplier

Professionally, I’m not a big admirer of Jeff Bishop (since my main interest is in swing trading) but I admit he is an intelligent Wall Street trader. I won’t also deny in this Money Multiplier review that he and his students have track records of earning millions over and over again.

As a co-founder of Raging Bull, Jeff Bishop is on the list of the wealthiest persons with a net worth of $3 million dollars. He created the Raging Bull (also an educational and training program but for stock trading) alongside Jason Bond.

Bishop of the Weekly Money Multiplier even brands himself as a savvy options trader and is known as “one of the best traders” nowadays. He made millions through trading options, ETFs, and stocks. And because he is passionate about teaching other people to follow in his footsteps to also earn their millions and lessen their risk in the process, he created the Weekly Money Multiplier.

So, there. The birth of WMM.

Jeff’s strategy is simple to understand as well. For example, when the 13-day period simple moving average (SMA) crosses over the one-month SMA, it is a bullish sign. Meanwhile, when the 13-period SMA crosses below the one-month SMA, then Jeff considers it a bearish sign.

Who is Nathan Bear?

nathan bear

Another person behind the success of Weekly Money Multiplier is Nathan Bear. He works alongside Jeff Bishop. Nathan joined the team in 2018 and helped to grow WMM trading services significantly.

Prior to joining the Weekly Money Multiplier team, Nathan won the Millionaire Roadmap challenge of Jason Bond. The Millionaire Roadmap is not just a normal trading education course because the main aim is to provide participants a hands-on trading experience and in real-time.

Bringing his trading experience from the Millionaire Roadmap, Nathan Bear now shares his trades to Weekly Money Multiplier for people to follow. What I like is that it’s a real-time screen share.

Nathan trades for high options (30 or 50 options) per position and he also trades based on the trend-pattern-squeeze setup. Most options traders who follow Nathan’s trades know that his set-ups are easy to understand and he mostly trades large caps.

Because of that, it’s easy to replicate his trades since the market does not care if he buys options on GOOG, ROKU, or AMZN. So, if you are planning to mirror trade, Bear’s trades are easy to replicate (can be done even in minutes right after he enters his trade). There are also instructions on potential exit conditions.

But if you are a beginner to options trading, I would recommend you to start the Stop Options Explained trading course by Jeff Bishop. His course includes 4 videos, 21 lessons, and an additional Options Mastermind video material.

What’s Included in the WMM Service?

So, okay, if you’re interested in having access to WMM trading rooms and decided to subscribe to the service, you may wonder what other features the Weekly Money Multiplier platform can offer to you.

The WMM trading services are packed with data that you will not easily find with other stock trading curriculum or courses. Once you have set up a trading account or were registered as a student, you will receive exclusive portfolio updates.

You will also have access to trading education resources for novices. The guide will introduce you to the stock trading world and walk you through how options trading works. Overall, there are 21 detailed lessons as well as 30 hours of video material. Take your time to go through these videos and stock market lessons.

As a caution, these resources will not make you an expert stock options trader in one day. The Weekly Money Multiplier does not promise a get-rich-quick scheme but emphasizes the importance of hard work, patience, and time.

Nathan Bear’s Portfolio and Trading Style

Included also in the service is an inside look at the personal portfolio of Nathan Bear. As a head trader in the WMM, Nathan has developed a system and he repeats the same approach, calling it the trend-pattern squeeze.

Don’t worry, Nathan shares his trading account in a completely transparent manner so you get an overview of his existing positions in the portfolio.

Nathan’s aim is to take advantage of the huge options premium spikes. Some of Nathan’s trades are day trades, some swing trades, and other directional bets. If you decide to register in the Weekly Money Multiplier, you will observe that one of the benefits of Nathan Bear’s approach is that he trades not on penny stock-based options or low float but on high liquid options.

With that, these trades have less volatility and have smaller spreads, even when more people are buying and selling the same option.

Options strategy and time frames

Another interesting strategy that Nathan adapts is using multiple time frames (the amount of time a trend lasts in a market, which can be used and identified by traders) and time his exit. A higher frame means a longer holding period.  

So, trades from the 60-minute time frame and higher often swing trades. When I was starting trading, I also thought that looking at a one-time frame is good. But, later on, I share the same belief as Nathan.

If you’re wondering why time frames are important, let’s consider an illustrative example. Let’s say you are driving to a certain destination. You can see all vehicles surrounding you and you are aware of the speed limit set by law. All information that you need while driving is already observable.

As you are prepared, you can pick the shortest route and you are ahead of the time frame. Now… what if there is an accident on the side of the street or you were driving during rush hour? Would how you view your surroundings change? You see, looking at a single time frame is like driving that car without knowing what is going around you and when you are leaving.

This is why it’s important to look at multiple time frames because you gain a better perspective on your trade.

Video Library and Chat Room

Another benefit one can get from Weekly Money Multiplier, I think, is the access to video libraries, like the Mastermind Video Library, and you can participate in the chat room. The video library itself provides you content and training on all sorts of things, from basic to advanced trading strategies.

Chat room access is likewise available via other rooms within the Weekly Money Multiplier network.

Feedback From Others


A Reddit user shared his Weekly Money Multiplier Review by saying, “Okay, I had been using their services [for the] past 6 months and I lost $1700 so far.

Out of 8 options, he buys only 2-3 succeed. If you didn’t buy those three then your account will vanish soon.

Today I lost more than $408 because [it] was, as usual, wrong with the analysis. He has millions left in his account so he can lose $5000 per trade but [for] users like us it’s a big deal.”

An article link about the Money Multiplier review was also shared on Reddit. In the post, the writer said that he also struggled as a small business owner before he began trading. 

Let me tell you, the FIRST million I made was probably one of the most exciting periods of my life.

But here’s the thing — this is now my FOURTH million. It’s become standard…normal…repetitive… It’s just ‘business as usual,’” he added.


One shared via Quora that he subscribed to Weekly Money Multiplier Review’s lifetime account. “And what do I see there? A charge pending (around $300) a year from now. I call him and ask why. He said, ‘I told you yesterday there is a yesterday maintenance fee.’ I said no, you never said that. I asked to put everything in writing and emailed it to me. He got very angry and hung up on me.”

“That’s my experience. Sounds like a scam? You decide,” the Quora reviewer went on.

Is Weekly Money Multiplier Legit?

options trading service

Yes, the Weekly Money Multiplier Review is legit and their services offer promising trading opportunities. The fact that they guarantee a $500 refund to their subscribers if they don’t hit twelve 100% winners in the first year of using the Weekly Money Multiplier service is also nice because it shows the team’s confidence in their work!


  • No experience needed
  • With a lifetime subscription plan 
  • Opportunity to copy techniques from professional traders
  • You can use the platform anywhere as long as there’s an Internet. You can even trade directly from your smartphone
  • Honest and transparent
  • One trading account and you’ll get real-time and instant trade alerts, giving you both the goal you need to achieve and the pricing.
  • Comprehensive educational material
  • Easy to understand
  • Option alerts have the potential to deliver double or triple-digit earnings
  • Comes with a performance guarantee


  • Advertising emails about different Raging Bull services are also sent to subscribers, which some find annoying
  • Risky directional trades need to be diligently managed.
  • Expensive

How Much Does The Program Cost?

There are two subscription plans for Weekly Money Multiplier. You can either opt for an unlimited plan, which costs $2,999, or a yearly plan for $1,999. The Weekly Money Multiplier does not offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions, likely because members can instantly access all the educational content once they’re registered.

Final Verdict: Should You Avail the Program?

While there is no doubt that the educational content provided by the Weekly Money Multiplier can yield incredible returns (not quickly) I don’t think I am willing to pay that much for Weekly Money Multiplier.

The $ 2,999-lifetime plan or a $1,999 yearly plan is still quite a bit of money to spend, right?

Of course, the benefit of such payment is that it can be unlimited access or an annual plan. However, I think I would rather invest that money on books and spend my time on other platforms, where resources may be available at a lower price or for free. If you want an alternative recommendation from me, then I think Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is worth looking into.

It’s a reputable company and its advisory is good for novice and veteran investors.

This is just my personal opinion, though, and I do acknowledge that the services and content in the Weekly Money Multiplier are interesting. At least, you don’t have to come up with a new way to trade the market since tips and a guide will be provided to you as you avail the program.

That being said, if you plan on subscribing to the service, do know that it will be most beneficial if you’re a beginner trader. And lastly, if you want to be successful in this practice, you have to be comfortable with options trading, which is a whole lot different compared to trading stocks.

If you like this review, you might want to read our other reviews at FoxyTrades.com.


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