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I know what you’re most likely looking for, so let us cut the bullshite..

..You want to find a proper trading system/strategy that will have the highest odds of making you the moneyz, right?

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Basically you want to end up like this guy ^^ at the end.

Ok Alice, in my opinion, there are 3 rabbit holes for you to choose from in order to achieve success as a trader:

I Day Trading Volatile Stocks

What is required:

  • An absolute minimum of 1-2K$/£/€ of starting capital.
  • Daily availability during trading hours.
  • Live stock scanner software access ~100$/month.
  • Trading chat room access 50$-200$/month.

What is the potential outcome?

If you are really passionate about trading and provided that you put some serious effort into it, learning to day trade volatile stocks can earn you 100K$+++ per year.


II Technical Swing Trading

What is required:

  • An absolute minimum of 1-2K$/£/€ of starting capital.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of your time per week.
  • Stock scanner software – free or 25$/month.
  • Optional: Trading chat room access 100$-200$/month.

What is the potential outcome?

Again, provided that you put hours into learning, practicing and perfecting your skills, you will be able to turn this into a part-time income source or a full time occupation for yourself. For the latter you would need to grow your account to 50K$+ in my opinion.

You are likely to make less than as a day trader, however this strategy requires less from you and can be done as a part time thing. In order to increase your chances of success, I would advise to find yourself a mentor/someone to learn from.


III Copying Profitable Traders Automatically

What is required:

  • An absolute minimum of 500 $/£/€ of starting capital.
  • 2-5 hours of set-up time.

What is the potential outcome:

You are likely to make much higher return per year than you would from most other investment opportunities, however increased return comes with increased risk. I always advise to spread your capital among a number of traders to copy.

I’ve personally made between 50-100% per year via copying 10-20 people and changing them out from time to time. It is difficult to make serious money through copy-trading, but it sure is a very lucrative option for your long term investment portfolio.


Obviously there is a lot more to it, but these are the three main roads that I’d choose between in order to reach success as a trader.

Most people like to take the hard route, which is trying to figure everything out by themselves. This is a recipe for disaster, as you will likely run out of money before you find a profitable trading system on your own.

This would be like some unfit person who had never exercised before, just going to the gym and doing random exercises without first finding a personal trainer and getting their advice or guidance.

Much the same way, you could be wasting your time and could also likely get hurt.

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What ever you choose, good luck with your trading ventures!