Timothy Sykes Review – Legit or a Scam Artist?


Today I’m going to bring to you my fresh from the oven Tim Sykes review- the biggest Day Trading education provider/salesman under the Sun.

tim sykes with a lamborghini
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The main aim of my Tim Sykes review is to actually find out if he is worth your time and hard earned money. Will his teachings help you become a profitable trader or should you run the other way.

I do my very best to save you time and money with this entertaining review.

Table of contents:

  1. Who is Timothy Sykes?
  2. Are his Claims of Success Really True?
  3. Sykes’ Rich Students
  4. The Education Options He Offers
  5. Is He Worth Your Time and Money?
  6. Feedback from Others
  7. Conclusions


Ok, lets start off with a formal introduction of the rich jew:
(or click here if you already know who he is and want to skip this part)

#1 – Who is Timothy Sykes?

Tim Sykes is a famous penny stock trader and educator who has been brought to fame by a TV show – Wall Street Warriors. He was featured as a reckless young day trader who was starting a hedge fund from his dorm room.

I’ve embedded the full episode that introduces him, in case you’re interested..

After receiving a tonne of e-mails since the show went live, he decided to start selling his trading education, which has now grown into a business that is making him 10s of millions of dollars every year.

Yes, that’s right. He makes north of 10 million a year from selling his educational products on trading, over 10 times more than he makes with trading itself. This was a huge red flag for me when I discovered the fact.

picture of tim sykes at steve harvey show

Although if I come to think of it, he was making about a million per year on average with trading penny stocks while having to take significant risks, the education gig has a much higher potential with little to no risk.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on selling education as long as there is real value in the education that he provides, which is something that I’ll get into in a bit.

#2 Are his claims of success really true?

There are so many snake oil salesman selling stuff online, that an average internet user such as myself has become super skeptical of anyone making claims.

However in Tim’s case, I do not believe that he would have been in the reality show if he didn´t have some sort of success. So he must of have done something right.

One very convincing proof of his actual success is the fact that Tim ranked as top trader on Covestor.com for 4 consecutive years. That is something that I don’t think is fakeable.

Sykes on Covestor

Now Covestor was a site, where your trades were automatically transfered to the website stripping you from the option to fake your results.

This means that his Interactive Brokers account’s results were directly uploaded to the website and anyone who wanted was able to copy his trades for a management fee, which was payed to Tim.

Covestor has now been acquired by Interactive Brokers. But the same concept is still alive via various social trading sites such as eToro.

#3 – Sykes’ Rich Students

Throughout the years, Tim has managed make a few millionaire traders through his educational courses.

He has actually trained people to the level where they have become millionaire traders with Tim’s education.

There is currently no other trader providing education publicly, that have their students reach this level of success. Below you can see him with his #1 student Tim Grittani on Fox News

tims on fox news

Below I’ll list the most successful students of Tim ranked by how much money they’ve made from trading:

#1 Tim Grittani, up $5,000,000+

sykes' nr1 student

The same guy from the above picture. As soon as he reached above 1million, they appeared in a number of news articles and tv programs.

Grittani has made over 5M$ since joining Tim Sykes’ chat rooms and learning his methods.

He has said that he owes his success to the teachings of Sykes, however Grittani has now managed to develop his own methods and trades based on his personal strategy.

profit chart of tim grittani

Grittani has also published a Tim Grittani DVD  back in 2017, where he covers his main trading methods and strategies.

Tim is also an active member in his former teacher’s day trading chat room. I’ve almost always received an answer when I’ve asked something from Grittani.

#2 Michael Goode, up $2,000,000+

picture of michael goode with a rooster

Michael Goode is a cool, down to earth guy. He used to be a Tim Sykes’ #1 hater and decided to do a case study and prove that Sykes is a snake-oil salesman.

How did it go? You can read about the full story from this article. Long story short – he ended up making money with Sykes’ teachings and turned from a hater to a supporter.

He now teaches in Sykes trading challenge and is also an active contributor to the trading chat rooms.

michaels trading results

#3 Steven Dux, up $1,400,000+

picture of steven dux in a youtube video interview

Dux is a relatively new trader. He started in 2016 and flew past the million dollar mark in the beginning of 2017.

That is super fast. He claims to ow his success to extensive studying of Tim Sykes’ methods.

Dux is originally from China and started trading during studying in an American university. He is rather active in Sykes’ chat rooms and he has recently launched his own DVD providing day trading education.

You can find it from his blog. It’s got some good reviews, although I haven’t personally bought it yet. I’m planning to and once I do, I will give out a full review. profitly chart of steven dux

#4 Marc Croock, up $900,000+

picture of marc croock

Marc is another one of Tim’s students that has managed to become successful.

He is yet to pass the million dollar mark, but given his steady results, he’ll end up there sooner or later.

Just like Grittani and Goode, he is also a moderator in Tim Sykes’ Sykes and an educator, publishing numerous videos with Tim Sykes on their trading strategies and specific trades that they made.

NBB! The videos are really valuable, but you would need to get the more expensive subscription in order to access them. 

profitly chart of m croock

#4 – The Education Options He Provides

Sykes offers a tonne of material of him teaching his methods. He has tens of DVDs, trading videos, webinars and live day trading chat rooms.

The DVDs

profitly store dvds

If I were to choose a DVD, I’d start off with “How to Make Millions“. It’s rather cheap and all the money that he makes from this particular dvd goes to charity.

Day Trading Chat Rooms

picture of different chat room options

The main thing that Tim offers and from where he makes the most of his money, is his chat room service.

What it is, is a day trading chat room, where Tim and all the other chat room members announce their stock picks and if they’re buying or selling.

TIM ALERTS –  The cheapest option – Tim Alerts, does just that. What you get to see are the stock picks and the relevant discussion that goes around it.

screenshot of tim alerts

Various other traders (both pro-s and noobs a like) discuss the stocks in play and wether they are in or out. You get to ask questions publicly or privately to the person you want to chat to.

However what’s missing from TimAlerts chat room is that you don’t get the video lessons. So you don’t get to see the weekly video lessons that Tim puts out of the recent plays and the reasoning behind the trade executions.

PENNYSTOCKING SILVER – The second option – Penny Stocking Silver, is the same chat room with weekly video lessons and you also get to access Tim’s archive of videos (there’s over 5’000 of them at this time).

In my opinion, that’s the option to go for. What it does is it teaches you how to fish in addition to just giving you the fish.

a man fishing cartoon

I like this option as you actually get to learn the ropes and see the logic behind the trade ideas.

Once you’ve watched the video lessons, the patterns begin to repeat themselves and you start to come up with your own trade ideas. So you could ultimately become self-sufficient.

TIM’S CHALLENGE –  This is the most serious, yet by far the most expensive option to learn from Tim. It costs around $5,000 to Sykes .

But what that money gets you is private consultation and trading education program that is more like mentorship. He puts the most amount of focus to the students of the challenge program.

This doesn’t mean that the other programs are not worth the money. I think they are better in terms of value for money, but the challenge program would increase the odds of success the most.

#5 – Is He Worth Your Time and Money?

picture of tim sykes

In terms of trading educators, I truly think that Sykes is currently the best option available. Provided that you’re not able to land a job in a prop trading firm 🙂

Your chances of true success are at least 50x better than if you were to start out on your own, in my honest opinion.

Trying to figure trading out by yourself is an expensive venture. You will likely lose a significant amount on market education. Most people blow it all and quit trying.

My resolution is that yes, Sykes is worth your time and money, but you really need to put in the work to give yourself a chance of success.

The good thing is that he provides a system that actually works. Your part is to truly learn and implement it.

#6 Feedback From Others

Tim has a rather substantial amount of twitter followers. There seems to be a substantial amount of traders that are trying to learn from Tim.

I think that as he is the only guy who has publicly shown his students actually making a substantial amount of money with Grittani at $5M+, Goode at $2M+, etc.. people tend to want to try the strategies out by themselves.

Also, as Tim has one of the cheapest trading material out there compared to other guys pushing trading education, people are more prone to pick it up.

Feedback from Twitter:

Here are some tweets from the last 2 days:

sykes twitter tweet

twitter tweet nr 8

twitter tweet nr 7

tweet nr 2

tweet numoro 5

tweet nr 4

tweet nr 3

I have to warn you that I didn’t find negative reviews from Twitter, I’m sure there are plenty, though. 

Feedback from you guys:

other peoples opinions

I would really appreciate if you could drop me a comment below, in case you have any experience with Timotheius Sykes.

Also if there is something else that you think I should cover on this review, please let me know.


All in all, I like his trading style, I think it’s super interesting and helps you develop an edge over other market participants that you can utilise for your own financial gain.

He is one of the few trading educators/mentors that I dare to recommend..

Once again: if you’re interested in learning his strategies, I believe the best option would be to join his Pennystocking Silver chat room.

Good luck in your trading ventures, guys!

PS! Do you have personal experience with Sykes? Let us know how it went in the comments below. 

PPS! If you’re interested in annual subscriptions, there is currently a significant discount being offered – check this for more info. 

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  1. The way he makes money is clever. I mean, it makes sense that you make the most out of stocks that move the most. He plays low priced stocks, be it pennies or others. Those can move 10-20% per day, unlike Apple and the likes, which never move more than a few per cent daily.

    I’m short on time to follow his alerts, but I am a member of the silver chat room and I would vouch for it. Also tried Warrior trading, which was complete rubbish imo.


    • Hey Rob,

      Yea, you’re right. Low priced stocks move the most so it makes a lot of sense to focus on those.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

    • Hey, unfortunately there are no active campaigns for promo codes available at the moment.
      There have been promotions during Xmas, but that’s a long wait 🙂

    • I think you could begin with as little as $500 however the more you start with, the better your chances of success.
      If I were you, I’d start with a minimum of $2000 to increase my chances of success. Also if you don’t have the capital right now, you can always start with a demo account just to get the hang of it.

    • Hi Lauren,

      If I were you, I’d go for Sykes’ silver subscription option. The only way to actually learn how to trade on your own in addition to just receiving the alerts.

      The trading challenge is not worth it for you, should have at least $10K to start with for that option.

      Good luck!

  2. I noticed that most of the students were quite young. Would you recommend this system to a retired
    senior looking to enhance their very low income?

    • Hi Deb,

      I believe the main issue is the time that you are able to dedicate to this.
      Students usually have more free time on their hands compared to regular folk that have a 9-5 and a family.
      As a retired person, I believe you have the same edge as students do. However you likely unable to risk as much as youngsters do, but you do have more cash to start with .

      So all in all it really depends. I would still give it a go if I were you, but only invest the amount of money that you can afford to lose.

      Good luck in your trading ventures, Deb!