Top 3 Penny Stock Trading Chat Rooms

Top 3 Penny Stock Trading Chat Rooms


Stock trading can be a complicated topic. In the beginning, it can be hard to get the hang of different trading terms. But the truth is that when you have the passion and drive, it’s not that hard.

There is one branch of stock trading that is volatile and high-risk that most traders shy away from trading or investing in it: Penny stock trading. In fact, many traders have lost a ton of money trading penny stocks.

But with a community of actual successful traders behind you, you can get valuable insights and motivation to become a Pro penny stock trader.

Penny stock trading chat rooms are some of the best platforms to connect with a community of actual successful traders to learn the ins and outs of penny stock trading. With that in mind, here are the top 3 penny stock trading chat rooms to contemplate:

1. Nathan Michaud’s Investors Underground Chat Room

Investors underground
Source: Investors Underground

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When we talk about the most popular chat rooms on the web, Investors Underground tops the list. The chat room was created in 2008. And some of the biggest names in the stock trading landscape are behind it, such as Nathan Michaud himself, @modern_rock, Tim Grittani, and Erick wood.

Investors Underground’s website has 3 different chat rooms: Momentum chat room, Swing chat room, and OTC chat room. Momentum chat room is the most vibrant chat room. But you can find useful tips and resources in other chat rooms as well.

To access these chat rooms, you must subscribe to one of his plans. The 1-month membership goes for $ 1297, the 3-month membership goes for $1497 and the annual membership goes for $1997. Let’s comprehensively look at the 3 different Investors Underground chat rooms:

Momentum Chatroom

If it’s your first time in the Momentum chatroom, and you’ve been in other chat rooms, it’s easy to see that it’s a whole new experience. The main features of this chat room include:

• All chats revolve around the topic

If you’ve been to other chat rooms, you know that they allow conversations. Investors Underground chat room means business. The moderators screen all messages posted during working hours and if they find ones that don’t add value to the chat room, or are off-topic, the perpetrators are muted. While muting perpetrators can seem like a punitive action, it brings sanity to the chat room.

• It encompasses experienced traders and moderators

Some chat rooms only feature one main trader or moderator. Investors Underground chat room, on the other hand, features multiple accustomed traders who transmit alerts to the chat room for members to take action. It also has a number of moderators who have been allotted unique fonts so that you can easily follow them when they put up posts.

Among the most popular traders and moderators in the chat room include Tim Grittani, InvestorsLive, OddStockTrader, OzarkTrades, AT09, Elkwood, and TexMex. With these experienced and successful traders with unique trading styles, you’ll find something new to learn every day.

• The lingo is easy to understand and it offers no “follow” alerts

If you visit other chat rooms, you’ll find that they give alerts that are pretty easy to follow. While Investors Underground also gives alerts, they focus a lot on ideas and commentary. They don’t want members to concentrate on copying trade alerts. Instead, they give alerts with effective ideas to make your own judgments before you take any trading position.

There is a lot of jargon and lingo you need to get acquainted with, which is why they’ve created a page to get beginners started with ease.

Investors Underground chat room moderators

Swing Trading Chat Room

Michele Koenig is wholly responsible for managing the swing trading chat room. Apparently, he also manages his own service called Tradeonthefly. This shows you how these accomplished traders can multitask and the depth of commitment they have for their work.

Swing Trading Chatroom chat room puts more emphasis on technical trades, but you can hold stocks for much longer. Michele (@offshorehunters), one of the moderators, is vibrant in the chat room and consistently shares trade ideas and unnoted charts with members.

If you have a thing for trading using technical analysis, then a swing trading chat room is the place to be. For those who are not able to sit in front of a computer all day to watch stock movements, this is a good place to get trading alerts.

OTC Trading Chatroom

The activities in this chat room vary depending on the market activity in the chatroom. When the OTC landscape is slow, you won’t see major activities in the chat room. But when the activities in the OTC market gain momentum, it would be like a picnic.

You’ll find moderators who are accustomed to stock trading in the OTC trading Chat Room, such as bbstock, OddStockTrader, and Oilgusher. They have invaluable tips that will help you take winning positions in trading. You’ll also get invaluable tips and tricks on how to trade penny stocks.


• A focused and efficient community

Investors underground chat room has a vibrant, focused, and efficient community that remains on-topic throughout the entire session. This is down to the moderators who ensure that members contribute things that add value to other members and help them make good decisions regarding trading. These attributes have permeated the whole Investors Underground platform, little wonder it’s the best chat room out there.

• Traders and moderators react in real time

While some people have written bad reviews about what Investors underground chat room offers, such as hot stock promoters and alerts service, the best way to judge the effectiveness of a day trading chat room is by continuing education.

With Investors Underground chat room, you’ll meet reactive traders and moderators who give alerts in real time and post resources daily to notch up your trading skills.

• Investors Underground chat room comes with multiple support systems

All parties (members and moderators) understand the significance of support. The community here thrives by supporting each other. Ideally, members and moderators interact freely and support each other. If you’re a subscriber, you gain access to video lessons, webinars, useful articles and blog posts, day trading education courses, and weekly video recaps to sharpen your trading skills and take good trading positions.

Investors underground trading chat rooms


• The chat room comes with stringent measures

Investors Underground has stringent rules that you must follow to the latter. You must post relevant and useful content. You will be muted or your daily messages limited if you go against the rules. Basically, you cannot ask public questions, or post events occurring in the market. While these restrictions may suck, they ensure the information posted is valuable and trustworthy.

• Inability to verify trades

The alerts given by the top moderators like Nathan and Nate cannot be authenticated. In other words, you can’t tell, for real, if the trading alerts are exactly what the moderators or traders used to take their trading positions.

• No free trial

Other chat rooms offer free trial periods to ensure you buy something that matches your needs and goals. Investors underground don’t offer free trials.

• Lots of trading jargons

While trading has a lot of jargon, Investors Underground moderators don’t take the time to explain them. So if you’re a beginner trader, you’re at a disadvantage.

Need more information on Investors Underground? Check out our honest Investors Underground review. Or click here to hop on over to the IU website.

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2. Ross Cameron’s Warrior Trading Chat Room

Warrior Trading platform
Source: Warrior Trading Homepage

This chat room is owned by Ross Cameron. He doubles up as the moderator. It’s one of the biggest chat rooms out there, boasting more than 5000 members. The focus of this day trading chat room is momentum trading of low float stocks.

It’s a pretty active chat room. About 1000 members actively participate in the activities of the chat room daily, an indication that there is a lot occurring there. With this chat room, you can be sure that any question you ask will be answered.

The Warrior Trading Chat room has a couple of moderators. You also get Ross’s live commentary on the status and happenings in the market. That’s really useful when you’re looking to take trading positions.

Warrior trading chat room is a good fit for the beginner who is looking to get a foothold in the world of day trading and needs a knowledgeable person to show them the ropes. However, the price is quite on the higher side. The people behind the chat room include:

Roy Cameron

He founded and owns the website and chat room. Roy has extensive experience in trading. He went through some rough patches at the beginning of 2002s, at the time when the dotcom bubble was rife. But even with the rough patches he went through, he managed to put his life together and create his own website for profitable trading.


Mike day trades full-time. He’s also a mentor at Warrior day trading and an experienced trader who uses technical analysis to take trading positions. He teaches his winning strategies to the chat room members.


Jeff is a full-time trader, as well as a trading mentor at warrior trading. He’s a master of swing trading, with a concentration in options trading.

When it comes to the prices of the Warrior trading chat room, there are 3 price ties; monthly membership will cost you $199, quarterly membership will cost you $149/month and annual membership will cost you $75/month. Most people subscribe to the annual membership because it’s cost-effective.

The good thing about the Warrior Trading chat room is that it comes with a 5 day trial period. This is good because you get to decide whether the chat room meets your needs before you pay the subscription fee.

To qualify for the free trial, you have to sign up with PayPal. Once the 5-day free trial comes to an end, PayPal will be automatically remitting the money to Warrior trading depending on your chosen plan.

Warrior Trading team
Source: Warrior Trading Homepage


• Newbie friendly penny stock trading chat rooms

Roy Cameron has managed to set up one of the most informative and friendly chat rooms that centers on day trading. The chat room has a team of experienced traders and moderators who will answer any questions you ask.

• Comes with free trial period

The awesome part about the Warrior Trading chat room is that it comes with a 5 day free trial period before full purchase. This ensures you only part with your money when you have determined that the chat room is beneficial to you.

• They have a vibrant social media platform

You can follow the happenings in the chat room on the fly through their social media platforms. Their Facebook page is particularly beneficial because it offers valuable information and links to useful articles. You can also get highlights of what was discussed in the chat room.

• A team of well-trained teachers

If you want to meet the best teachers in the field of day trading, then you should join the Warrior Trading chat room. The teachers in this chat room are not just salespeople; they are successful day traders showing you their winning strategies.


The price of the warrior trading chat room is quite on the higher side. The monthly subscription goes for $199, the quarterly subscription goes for $75, while the annual subscription goes for 149 per month.

It’s hard for a beginner who knows nothing about day trading. If you are a total newbie to day trading, you might find it hard to get the hang of it, as the moderators don’t tackle the basics and terminology.

Check out our in-depth Warrior Trading review. Or hop on over to their website here.

3. Timothy Sykes’ Pennystocking Silver Chatroom

picture of tim sykes

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Timothy Sykes operates the Pennystocking Silver chatroom via the website. Any student who enrolls in his courses or plans gets access to the chat room. Tim personally runs the chat room, but he’s always on the fly promoting his business and enjoying life.

He has a team of moderators to help him run the chat room. One of the moderators is Michael Goode, Tim’s millionaire student. In fact, you’ll always find him in the chat room. He’s also an active trader.

Although Pennystocking Silver chat room is not as active as Investors Underground, it focuses on larger trades (greater than 10% each day).

Tim Sykes sends alerts in the chat room through phone alerts and email. These two mediums make it a lot easier for any subscriber to take action.

The alert model has its good and bad sides. If you manage to catch the alerts in real-time, you can use them to take trading positions. If you catch them late, you may find out that the price has skyrocketed already, and it’s hard to make a good entry with the high price.

The subscriptions and pricing plan that will let you access the chat room include Tim’s Alerts that goes for $74.95/month, PennyStocking Silver that goes for $149.95/month, and The Millionaire Challenge that goes for $5,000/year.


• Affordable plans

His plans are relatively cheap, which means any beginner trader can afford to subscribe. Basically, if you subscribe to one of his plans, you gain access to his chat room for free. His plans (highlighted above) are relatively cheaper compared to other trading chat rooms.

• You can take advantage of Tim’s alerts

If you’re always in the chat room, you can use Tim’s alerts to take trading positions before the prices spike. The alerts come via email and phone, which can increase your odds of success as a penny stock trader.

• Consists of a dedicated team of experienced moderators

One of the big names in penny stock trading, Michael Goode runs the chat room together with other experienced moderators. With Michael Goode, you can be sure that you’ll always get useful tips on penny stock trading.

• Ability to block chats from other members

The chat room can become noisy at times. To mitigate this, you are at liberty to block new members who are notorious in order to have a good experience.

• Learn about penny stocks

Pennystocking Silver chat room is the place to be if you want to learn about trading penny stocks.

Pennystocking silver chatroom


• It’s hard to have a one-on-one with Timothy Sykes

If you’re looking to have an audience with Tim Sykes, you’ll be greatly disappointed because he is not always in the chat room. He’s usually busy out there promoting his business and vacationing.

He advertises his extravagant lifestyle on Instagram, a lot

This can make people feel like he’s a fraud

If you’re interested – check out his chat room plans here.


Penny Stocks are some of the most unpredictable and volatile stocks out there. They are also susceptible to manipulation, which is why most people fear trading or investing in them.

To stay in the penny stock industry long enough, you should possess the right experience and adopt the right strategy.

With any of the above-listed chat rooms, you can acquire the desired skill and start trading penny stocks like a Pro. It all comes down to what works best for you.

All-in-all, if you want a simple answer, then:

  1. Go for the Tim Sykes chat room, if you’re a beginner.
  2. Go for the Investors Underground chat room, if you’ve got at least a few thousands of dollars to start with and have done trades in the past.

Is there any Penny Stock trading Chat Room you think deserves to be on this list? Leave a comment below.

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