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Use: Day trading chat room service with trading strategy lessons & stock alerts. 


5-star rating

One of the best ways of actually learning the skill of day trading. They teach effective strategies that work and share profitable trading set-ups daily. 


4 star rating

The price starts from $197/month. It is slightly more expensive than other similar products, but the quality of information and value for money are above it’s competitors. 


3-star rating

You should need some prior basic knowledge of trading. However the IU team has created a free video lesson course that will help you get started. 

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I honestly believe that IU is on the best ways to actually learn day trading. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but you’ll know within your first month, if it will help you or not. It’s WAY cheaper than trying to figure things out on your own.

Nate and Cam are doing their best to provide the best service possible to keep their subscribers happy and profitable. 

It is apparent that to be a successful trader one needs real-time information for guidance in making trading decisions. If you’re looking for a platform to get actual time information, you might as well have heard about Investors Underground.

This Investors Underground review will give you an unbiased opinion about one of the most favored day trading chat room services.

If you’re a beginner, the IU team has put together a seriously good video series to get you started. They lay out a clear cut plan on how to get started. The videos are FREE, but they offer tremendous value! Link here: Beginner Video Series

What is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground is a trading platform launched by Nathan Michaud back in 2008 as a trading chat room to educate, inform, and discuss trading matters with other traders.

It achieves this through offering trading courses, webinars, and chat rooms. Nathan is a celebrated trader himself, and he runs this website together with a team of other prominent moderators.

Investors Underground - An honest review

The journey to creating Investors Underground started in 2003. This is when Nathan started trading while he was still in college studying finance at the University of New Hampshire. One thing that inspired Nathan to start this site was the fact that he lost a lot of money trading during the day despite being profitable each morning.

He then decided to start to blog about stocks and the techniques he had learned. As time passed, his live audience grew, and he was inspired to start a chatroom called Investors Underground.

Over the years, Investors Underground has grown to become a giant compared to other live chat trading forums.

With subscriptions from over 1000 members, IU is home to well-known traders such as Eric Wood, Tim Grittani, and @modern_rock plus many more. It is a diverse community: from full-time traders to people who are starting out in their trading careers.

Daily provisions from the website include video lessons for learners, trading alerts, watchlists and many more.


Nathan goes out of his way to provide nightly scans to show the best opportunities for trading when market opens in the morning comes.

Half an hour before opening time for the markets, Nathan provides a more accurate list of stocks to trade. There are also real-time alerts available during market hours where applicable.

Other moderators for this forum are:

  • Michele Koenig
  • Cody
  • Phil
  • Derrick
  • Tim Grittani
  • Brandon
  • Modern Rock
  • Cam B
  • Emil

Features of Investors Underground

#1 Trading Courses

Trading courses

Almost as a prerequisite when joining the forum, Investors Underground offers two trading courses: one for beginners (Textbook Trading), and another for more advanced traders (Tandem Trader). Also available is a free 8-step beginner’s guide that is very useful if you are starting out. It includes introductions of the following:

  • Day trading
  • Technical analysis
  • Long setups
  • Short setups
  • Trading computers
  • Stockbrokers
  • Scanning
  • Trading service

There are also free videos to help you understand the basics before paying for the main packages. It is advisable to go through the free ones before subscribing to the main packages.

Textbook Trading

Textbook trading is not free but offers all the basics about trading strategies on how to identify stocks that one can trade, risk management, realizing favorable setups, and more. Fully studying this course will cost approximately eight hours of your time, but is well worth the time investment!

Textbook trading includes the following eleven chapters:

  • Purpose and history
  • Setup and terminology
  • Charting & technical analysis
  • ABCD and long trades
  • Long, red and green trades
  • Shorts and guide for over extensions
  • Morning emotion & fader
  • OTC trading
  • Brokers
  • Goals plus daily routines
  • Websites and homework

Tandem Trader

Tandem trader is a progression of textbook trading. It uses screen recordings with commentaries from Nathan’s previous trades to explain strategies of the trading process. This course targets learners familiar with the basics of trading but needs a deeper understanding of the process.

While one can describe Textbook Trading course as a theory, Tandem trader is the practice part of that theory. An example is the “ABCD” chart pattern that Textbook Trading teaches, and Tandem Trader illustrates using a recording of a live trade used to make a profitable trade.

#2 Chat Rooms

Investors underground trading chat rooms

There are three types of trading chat rooms on Investors Underground:

  • Momentum chat – This is a chat room for generally intraday traders. It is focused on high volatility and volume stocks. The aim is to gain profits from stocks with significant price moves. Nathan Michaud runs this forum single-handedly.
  • OTC/Crypto chat – Mostly deals with cryptocurrency and penny stocks. This is the newest addition to the chat room options. This chat room helps traders capture profits from trades that are not in NASDAQ or NYSE markets. @oilgusher, Oddstock Trader, and @bbstock run it.
  • Swing Trading chat – It consists of technical trading ideas and deals with long trades. The aim is to gain profits by holding stock positions overnight for months.

Michele, an experienced trader from TradeontheFly, moderates it. Some of the rules and regulations of the chat rooms are:

  • Off-topic chatter is not allowed.
  • If your views do not help anyone in the chat room, avoid posting them.
  • Respect to others is of utmost importance in the chat rooms. Avoid egotistic views.
  • All users should understand the chat room acronyms for easier communication.
  • Do not talk about stocks that are not liquid. Breaking this rule leads to muting.
  • For private conversions with moderators, use private messages. Avoid such conversations in the chat rooms.
  • If you haven’t posted an entry, no posting an exit.
  • Communicate with a moderator if there is a problem. Policing others is forbidden in the chat rooms.

The momentum chat is a front-runner among all other chats. It does not revolve around one trading guru as it has many other experienced traders. It also incubates great trading ideas as much as it offers a platform to suggest such ideas.

Another noticeable difference with momentum chat room is that it mainly deals with alerts and ideas, unlike other chats that purport to have information on exactly where to buy or sell. One downside about this chat room is that there is a learning curve since there are numerous jargons used while charting.

What Nathan posts on the momentum chat is pure advice. He does not front run (trading a stock then informing your audience about it to benefit from changes affecting that stock once the audience is in) his subscribers. Ideas are shared before anyone places trades.

#3 Video lessons

This is part of the website is updated on a weekly basis. Here, Nathan who is the main moderator, uploads videos about past trades showing what was right/wrong in his trading. He also illustrates what he was looking for before placing the trades.

Video lessons are ideal for beginner-intermediate traders who prefer visual learning. Since conversations in chats are fast moving, you can easily get lost. These videos will help you get back on track.

VIdeo lesson library

A collection of all video lessons is stored in a video library, so you do not have to worry about missing a lesson. One can always access the library to review previous lessons.

#4 Webinars

Investors Underground acts as a platform for monthly webinars. Different experienced moderators including Nate, Alex, Dante, and Emil host this forum. The focus here is Q&A sessions that allow you to interact with other traders.

Equally important, moderators go through market trends, previous trends and give fresh trading lessons. This forum allows specific questions by members. All previous webinars are also stored in a library so you do not have to worry about missing a webinar.

#5 Watch Lists

Subscribed members can expect stock watch lists every night from the moderators of Investors Underground. The lists include stock charts, the next day’s game plan, and stock stickers.

Stock watchlists

The watch list features a trading plan based on how stocks behave but do not specify which stocks to purchase or sell. 5 – 10 different stocks are contained in the watch lists. This forum is more efficient during market hours with momentum traders.

Trading Style at Investors Underground

Different moderators at Investors Underground have different trading styles. Just as the chat rooms’ names suggest, the types of trading on this forum are Swing trading, OTC trades, and Momentum trading. Technical analysis of the market guides traders on this forum.

Most of the trading on Investors Underground is on momentum plays. Finding stocks with above-average volatility and trading volume is what most traders do on momentum play.

The moderators search for setups that have high reward potential plus low risk. These setups are trading red/green reversals, ABCD charts, or parabolic moves that are short selling. One of the main indicators used by traders in the forum is VWAP for smooth price action.

Despite being one of the most diverse forums, Investors Underground also has more activity than other forums like Fous Alerts and Timothy Sykes. Different setups and stocks are traded every day by Nathan and his colleagues. Whether it is long or short, all trades are available at IU.

As a beginner, you might feel that these trades are fast-moving, but the more experience you gain the more you become versed with the forum.

Is Investors Underground a Good Option for You?

This forum is best suited for traders who have an understanding of the basics of trading. As a newbie, you might as well want to enroll in their free trading course before joining the chat rooms. This is because fast-paced chats might confuse you if you’re at the start of your trading career.

If you are able to access and watch markets during trading hours then IU will be ideal for you. At Investors Underground, you are sure to learn something new on a daily basis, so it is advisable to have an open mind when joining the forum. Trading actively is awesome with IU chat rooms.

How to join IU?

You can agree to two types of subscriptions at Investors Underground:

  1. Standard subscription which costs $197 monthly. You will have access to chat rooms, scans, and webinars.
  2. Elite subscription which costs $297 per month, and will give you access to chat rooms, scans, webinars, video lessons and weekly trade recaps.

These subscriptions are pricier than other options out there, but you get good value for your money especially if you are into active trading. The Elite option is definitely better as it gives you access to actionable alerts in addition to video lessons.

Tips to get the most out of Investors Underground

  • Go for the Elite option. This is due to the access to video lessons. Watching these videos that recap trades every week, and being able to view previous lessons is comparable to paying for a complete trading course in a learning institution.
  • Watch out for better subscriptions. Do not tie yourself down to the monthly subscription. There are various deals offered that include paying on quarterly/yearly basis that has better value for money than the monthly basis. Paying $547 for three months is much better than paying $297 per month.
  • Be willing to learn. Having an open mind is the best approach when joining this forum. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, you can always learn from other people in the forum. People who trade actively have vast experience in stock trade and they are the best to work with at Investors Underground.


Investors Underground is one of the best forums for an active trader. The best part is that you can also become a trading guru in your own right by subscribing. Support from like-minded people keeps you up on your feet even after a bad trade.

Investors Underground chat room moderators

It’s one of the best stock trading communities in the world and has helped a significant number of individuals acquire a vast amount of trading ideas in their entire trading career. As long as you know the various tools of the platform, namely their videos, chat rooms, news alerts and many more, you can successfully build your success strategies through which you get to gain more profits in your stock trades.

Though it’s a bit costly, you will definitely get value for every coin spent to be part of Investors Underground. Wherever you are, here is a chance to interact with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the best traders in the world.

I personally do recommend IU. I think it increases your chances of success as a trader by more than 30-x compared to trying to figure things out by yourself.

NB! As IU is currently the best day trading education provider’s in the industry, I’ve managed to partner up with them and offer a discount to the readers of Foxytrades. Click this link to redeem the services at exclusive discounted prices. 

Investors Underground FAQ

Nate uses to find stocks to trade live. He also uses to find stocks that are setting up for moves. Plus he uses the ideas that other traders share on his own chat room

The chat room has about 300 – 500 members logged in depending on the day, out of which, 50 people are giving out active trading ideas each day along with Nate’s ideas. 

Head over to this page. Now click “Pricing” on the top menu and choose the specific plan that you’re most interested in.

Nate’s ABCD setup is one of my biggest moneymaking setups to this day. 

It’s a very high odds strategy that provides an appealing risk-reward ratio. You can learn more about it from this blog post.

Cam managed to become a profitable trader within 6 months since starting to work with Nate.

However, he spends most of his time on taking care of customers and marketing for Investors Underground and doesn’t trade that much. 

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    • Hi Jimmy, Yes I am aware of that. I also dug into the issue and found that this happened over 15 years ago and it was a borderline case.
      I’m sure Nate did learn his lesson as he has been running a successful day trading chat room for nearly 10 years now.

  1. Hey Paul, thanks for the review!
    Nathan seems like a decent guy. I’ve browsed through his Twitter feed and he seems to get a number of positive comments/feedback.

    One questio that I have is how much capital do I need to be able to follow Nate’s strategy with decent odds of success.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Joshua,

      I’d say the absolute minimum is $2,000. However, the more you can invest into this, the better are your odds of success.
      You can also start with less money to get your feet wet or you could use a paper-trading account.

      Good luck!

  2. awesome review, thanks, I am considering joining this community, as I am looking for a mentor looks that you get to learn from many good traders in one place.


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