Imagine being broke, studying a University degree you are not really sure why you started in the first place, failing small ventures you thought were going to make you the big bucks in the form of “easy money”, and then suddenly discovering a way to turn $1,500 into over $4 million dollars in the space of just 5 years! Meet Tim Grittani who did just that – finding massive success in day trading and the release of his groundbreaking Tim Grittani DVD .

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tim grittani with tim sykes

Within the space of just 4 short years, Tim Grittani, now a legend within trading circles, turned less than $2,000 into more than $2.7 million. Within 5 years, that figure had grown massively to over $4 million dollars!

grittani's profit chart
Tim Grittani’s profit chart, taken from

Raised in a middle-class neighborhood of Chicago, Tim was fortunate enough to develop the entrepreneurial mindset from a very early age. Growing up watching his father run his own business, a seed was planted in his mind that one day he too would work for himself. Despite the fact that his father’s business performed well and allowed his family to live a reasonably comfortable life, this did not give Tim access to the capital he would need to start a business of his own.

Going out on his own would require both knowledge and money he did not yet have access to, so he would have to ask himself what was the best way to make easy money? Most people who ask themselves this question find the answer in the form of gambling, or the golden potential of making a large fortune through a little research and luck. Unfortunately though, every lucky streak eventually ends.

Tim initially found that he did possess some ability into seducing Lady Luck across everything from sports betting to poker – anything where luck and a little skill could produce very healthy results. However, despite one big sports win of $9,000, his dream of getting rich through gambling quickly ended and he was back to square one.

HOW DID HE BECOME SO SUCCESSFUL THEN?tim in front of trading screens

While studying a finance major at Marquette University, Tim realised that there is not really much he actually liked about finance except for the fact that knowledge in this field allows you to turn some money into more money. He was obviously still hungry for money from his gambling days so looked into the direction of the next best thing – the stock market.

The stock market had similar rules to gambling, except more calculated and informed decisions can be made in order to be successful, so was the perfect choice for a young man who was tired of his sheep clothing and was ready to become a wolf. After spending time on his own and countless hours learning everything that he could about trading in the market, he convinced himself that he was finally ready to take the plunge.

It was around this point that Tim came across two people whom he credits his success and became highly influential mentors for him – Timothy Sykes and Nathan
“Nate” Michaud. After learning everything that they had to offer including their key strategies and powerful trading mindsets, Tim started trading.

tims on tv-show

Still short of the capital he would need to achieve the level of success he so quickly desired, Tim was forced to borrow $12,000 from his parents to trade with. However, the initial frustration that all traders encounter when they start their journey soon faced Tim too. Strict pattern day trader rules and being limited to trading with just $1,500 at a time, he quickly came to realise that trading regular stocks was not going to cut it. This was where the gates opened and Tim discovered penny stocks.

Discovering penny stocks was like discovering oil for time. No longer would he be restricted to trading expensive stocks like Apple and Microsoft – he could now trade penny stocks for a tiny fraction of the price of regular stocks. In fact, one of his most memorable highlights from his trading career was back in May 2013 where he was able to take advantage of the price swings of a penny stock trading between $1 and $5 to make $215,000 in a single day!


Being a modest man and following in the path of his mentors, Tim decided that the right thing to do was to share both his success story and the exact strategies that he currently uses to make a full=time living with those whom want to learn with the release of Trading Tickers – an educational goldmine for those wanting to emulate his success. Packed with more than 16 hours of live trades, trading techniques and immensely valuable information straight from the man himself.

tims on an island

Most importantly, the opportunity to learn from somebody who has stood in the shoes that most of us have stood in before – wandering through life aimlessly searching for something that can dramatically change our lives. For most of us, money is king and Tim Grittani has developed a no-expenses spared tool to help those whom both crave it and need it most.


Tim definitely delivers in this no-BS guide to successfully trading the penny stock market, and with over 4,000 trades to his name, he should know! Tim shares everything from his journey to massive success, including the strict rules and mindset he adheres to himself, risk management practices, and even shares his EXACT trading formula which has transformed a young man into dreaming about financial success to a powerhouse who is living his dream today.

A 20 minute clip from the DVD

Consistent profits are key here, and you will quickly learn that despite the inevitable losses you will make (which show themselves in every business venture), Tim’s bullet proof strategies ensure that your wins will always be on the heavier end of the scale. And these aren’t profits you make weekly – these are specific strategies which you can use to consistently make money on a daily basis!

In addition, you will be run through the most open and comprehensive trading strategies Tim uses on a daily basis across the last 8 of the 12 chapters of Trading Tickers, seeing first hand through live examples every entry, exit, loss and win he makes. Most other traders who present this information leave out the hiccups, but Tim makes sure in this DVD to be as transparent as possible so you walk away with proven facts, not hearsay.

Most importantly however, is that Tim shares in Trading Tickers all of his rookie mistakes which he made in his early trading years and led him to the realisation of the importance of having a mentor to guide you through the ups and downs of trading the stock market. Tim will tell you that despite his wins, there will also be losses but it is how you react and adapt to those losses that will determine whether you ultimately lose or succeed.

Probably the best feature on Trading Tickers though, is that Tim guides you through 35 live trade examples where you can watch step-by-step every single little thing that he does when trading. From laying the groundwork in preparation to making a trade, to seeing exactly why he makes some of the trading decisions that he does.


That all sounds awesome, but what exactly do you get aside from learning a specific skill set to make more money than you could ever possibly dream of? And how is Trading Tickers going to change that? Sure, you have probably come across hundreds of these types of trading DVDs in the past, some you may have watched and not really got anything of real substance out of them, and others you have probably outright ignored because you don’t believe the financial claims are possible. Tim doesn’t just tell you what he does, he shows you!

Firstly, he teaches you that you need to come to the realisation that there is no such thing as becoming an overnight millionaire. Great success takes time, and Tim’s journey up until this point started off with many failures before he finally discovered something which actually works. It comes down to being both highly disciplined and incredibly realistic – this is not a path for lazy people to take, but rather if you are able to be 100% committed to your financial goals, you too can share in on Tim’s success.

Secondly, learning that you do not need a massive bank to delve into a highly success and incredibly rewarding trading career. Tim started with almost nothing and now makes an income of a level that most lazy people can only and will only ever dream about. How did he turn a few thousand dollars into several million dollars? By consistently testing new ideas, learning from his an others failures, and adhering to the age-old saying, “Never Give Up”!

Thirdly, and this is probably the most powerful thing you can learn, is discovering that you can work anywhere in the world provided that you have an Internet connection! You definitely do not need expensive clothes or a fancy office like those Wall Street guys in order to be a successful trader, and this is what draws so many people to the trading world – setting your own rules and living life on your own terms.


In all honesty, where else can you learn the trading secrets of a multi-millionaire in the space of just 16 hours? Tim learnt from the absolute best in his field and then learnt so much more on his own so you are getting the best of both worlds from a single mouth. You cannot put price on something like that which delivers so much value to those whom want to learn.

Tim’s approach is friendly yet direct and he truly wants to teach people about how they can hit the ground running and not spend years trying to figure it all out like he and countless others did. Trading Tickers points you immediately in the right direction and gives you the incredibly valuable insight into how a millionaire trader’s mind thinks and acts behind the scenes. Looking at his journey up to this point, Tim has always thought outside of the box which has become key to his incredible success.

Most importantly, Trading Tickers teaches you to take action. There are many “experts” out there who give people advice on how to make money, but rarely have anything to prove that it works. Tim has a proven track record that his strategies actually work. How else would he manage to get CNN to run a story on him called “Trader turns $1,500 into $1 million in 3 years”? Trading Tickers will teach you to stop following the sheep and to start walking with the wolves!

There is no point spending countless hours searching through message boards and forums, buying other trading DVDs that leave you with more questions than answers, or attending countless “free” trading seminars which are anything but. Tim Grittani has discovered what some would call the golden ticket to day trading. He has ended your search for financial fulfillment because he has found what actually works and wants to show you to prove it.


Always dream big, but be patient. Success of any form, massive or small, takes time. You need to be highly disciplined, motivated and develop the skill set to stay focused on what is most important. Tim didn’t become a multi-millionaire overnight, nor was the journey to a million dollars an easy accomplishment for him, but her got there because he put in the time, effort and hard work to realise and accomplish his dreams.

Trading Tickers is the number one guide and tool for any aspiring day trader who is tired of hearing promises from “experts” who over promise and under deliver. Tim pursued this lifestyle as aggressive as a hungry lion, and he knows just how badly you crave that success too. If you really want those millions, stop dreaming and start doing!


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  1. Thanks for the overview.
    I decided to purchase it with the sale link that you provided.
    So far so good, I really enjoyed that the DVD is filled with real life examples, which I love to see.
    He goes over theory and then he shows the theory put into practice through real life examples. + he also includes fails, which is awesome.

    This is my second trading related DVD that I’ve bought, and I think it’s worth the price (even the full price).


  2. Great 25 min video but the video doesn’t really show how he put in his orders. it shows yea 50k but the Montage steady showed 20,000. I need a video where I could see him type the numbers, use the drop down (limit or market ) and click. Simple


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